Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Don't cry lil' girl...!

Don't cry lil' girl...!
I know that the tears that line your eyes are for a mother dying..
Dont cry lil' girl.. I have no magic solution.. no healing powers.. 
You looked at me and in your eyes I saw.. you ask for a helping hand..
To lift her up from bed and onto feet and onto a life of total health..
I have no such solution...
All I have dear girl..are words of love,,care and comfort.. 
She is going on a little ahead.. to fashion a home for you..
She is only going on as a mother find a new home for you..
She is only going on as others have who vanished from our sight..
Wipe those tears lil' girl..
She is only going there ahead..
And as she works over to that new place..
She will not take with her..
That pain.. that trauma..
Wipe those tears.. lil' girl.. :)


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