Wednesday, 5 June 2013

That someONE..

That someONE..

Someone whose just 'a mention' can get the loveliest smile and blush on your face!
Someone who would be so very easy to easy to talk caring..
Someone who would understand what's wrong even when things are untold..
Someone who would not be Jealous of your achievements..but would motivate and inspire to do still better..

Someone for whom you will be "just one of your kind"..
Someone who will be possesive enough but that would just signify deep love!!
Someone who would always keep you happy and with whom happiness will be worth sharing!!whose happiness will lie in your wellbeing..
Someone who knows that you care and would value it! :D
Someone with whom sharing little details of your day,,of your life would be important and fun!

Someone for whom you would enjoy doing things..its like "pamper and get pampered back!"
Someone for whom you are always a priority,,never an option!
Someone whose too loyal and protective..
Someone whose "main hoon na" would mean the world to you.. <3
Someone without whom you lose your significance altogether and feel hollow and incomplete!
Someone who would never leave your side,no matter what!and tell you "problems are not solved by running away,,but by facing them together.."
Someone whom you dont need to think twice before calling..

Someone with whom you enjoy little innocent moments even if you do nothing and still feel as if you had THE BEST time of your life!
Someone who can bear all your untimely mood swings and tantrums without objecting..
Someone with whom you wont FALL in love with,but fly in love!! <3 <3
Someone who would be insecure about you!

Someone wid whom you can share a special comfort zone,,a unique camaraderie..  :)
Someone with whom its worth celebrating your similarities and respecting the differences..
Someone Without whom all I am is just a black and white rainbow..
"I love you because you do to my life what i myself would have done had it been under my control.."

Someone whose SURNAME you would love to don with your name for the rest of your life! 
Someone to whom you can happily surrender yourself to..
Someone you can return to even after all fights and differences.. 
That someONE we all wait for  ... ;)

And for YOU it seems "the wait will be worth it!" "I want to show you off once I get you!! ;)  "
There is no doubt that somewhere in the deepest recesses of our hearts we are all looking for a person who will make us feel complete... To accompany us on this beautiful journey called LIFE.. :) :D

As they say "Though a man is physically stronger than a woman but throughout life he waits for that one woman in front of whom he willingly kneels down.."! :)


  1. Very beautiful & pure emotions. Appreciate your sensibility. Some lines have engraved in my heart. God Bless You! :)

  2. Hey Aayesha

    How to follow your, there's no subscription form? :(

    1. There's no form as such; You can "Follow this site" in Google followers! :) You'll get updates then :)

  3. Too good I must say... Every word reminded me of him :)

    Village Girl


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