Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What Guys Should Realize..

We love it when you are just the way you actually are! You don't have to change when you are with us...

When we tell you that "Oh you look smarter with that shirt on and that hairdo suits you!" It really means! (in a way you are expected to follow it) 

We don't like you praising other girls before us..its such a "turn off"...

We love it when you are worried for us and for that matter when you keep asking"  Hows' your mood now??" every now and then...(even though you actually don't have to do so!! :P)

When we dont like a PARTICULAR girl we prefer you too to not be too close with her..there's a deep sense of insecurity growing within us..(which you are unaware of...) 

When we dress up smartly, we do want you to praise us..(just like we do!!) 

Show us that we are the "only" female in your life (ofcourse after your mom and sister..!! :p) {after all a real man can love just a "single" woman in hundred ways...he doesn't require hundred women to shower his love on..}

We dont like u getting too close with our bestfriends either..:P We love it too when you introduce us to your friends as "your girl"!!

We love it wen you pause your video games or miss a cricket/football match(about which you are hellbent crazy!!) just to be wid us!! :) ;)

Take our advises in the silliest of that we know we are important for you..sometimes its all about EXPRESSING and SHOWING your love..!!

We feel just too great wen you accept "it's your mistake" and give up!!sometimes it's good to give up for your lady love!

It's lovely wen you wish us "good morning.." "good night".. feels your life begins and ends with us..!!

We love it wen you " pay" for us or spend on us.. <3

Keep your roving eye glued on JUST us.. when you are with us..We should'nt remind you to be faithful always..♥

Keep showering gifts and flowers not frequently, but occasionally..

Appreciate us over little things..they are " little" for you...not for us..:P your little token of praise can make our day!! :)

Go out of your way to help us,, de-stress us...

Give us warm hugs when we really need them..a" jadu ki jhappi" does wonders fr us...;) {even proved by a research now!!} 

We love resting on your shoulders! :D 

Take us for romantic walks and make us feel wanted and ultra special..:D pamper us!!

Once in a while get into a fight for us..make us feel we belong JUST to you..♥

Love and respect our family just the way you do to yours..!:)

Dont make fun of us..your humour can spoil things at times..:/

Respect us and whisper "I LOVE YOU" ...just when we dont expect it at all from you...:)

Make every moment" special..n cherishable"
So that we realise how it would be spending an "entire lifetime" with you...
finally,, life has to be lived in "moments"...:)
make us feel.."you are just MINE...!!" ♥ ♥

After all every girl deserves a guy who would love her beyond limits and stands by her no matter what..!! :)


  1. Wow! This is brilliant :)
    (Just came across your blog via IndiBlogger)
    P.S.: Loved the "Hardcore Scorpio" part!

  2. Woah this is so true in every sense of the word and can completely relate to it!

    Fashion Quotient-Indian Fashion and Style Blog!!

  3. So many expectations.. well written :)
    Here is what girls should realize: Love a guy so much that he automatically finds EVERYTHING about you as damn lovely. The above mentioned requirements will automatically get fulfilled ;)

    1. :P Thanks, Abhishek!
      A guy's list was so tiny like you said :D
      You have a point too :)


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