Monday, 1 July 2013

Shaadi Waadi :P

Marriage is an important phase of life for everyone, but for a girl it is the most amazing decision of her life. She dreams and wishes for her life partner. It won’t be wrong to say, she does so since childhood. She prepares a list in her mind:

I want a husband who would hold my hand in lines at the mall or while crossing roads, so that I feel protected.

I want someone who would sing to me at random moments. 
Someone who would respect my maturity and love my innocence too. 
Someone who would bet with me on kisses and let me win. 
Someone who would let me fulfil my responsibilities towards my parents and would love my family like  his own. I want a guy who will accept me with unconditional love and make me feel a part of his family. Someone who I could share my fears, my laughs, my smile and my tears with. 

Someone who would not get angry over my mistakes instead scold me like my mother and then help me to learn doing that thing again. Appreciates me for my tiniest efforts. 
But mostly, someone who would be loyal to me, crave for me and will always be the reason for my smile. 

Someone who has a heart of gold. Who is honest, hard working and humble.
Who will have time to talk to me, listen to me. Tolerate me in my moody times and love me at my worst. Who finds me beautiful at every chance he gets, even if that means in my messy hair and pyjamas. Most importantly, who is proud to have me and is not shameful to introduce me as his own.

I don’t want him to be an already made man with a high profile job or a car, living in a posh estate. I know, for a fact that there is no perfect man on earth. Waiting for him is stupidity, as a woman. I will appreciate all he strives to be. And secretly, she promises herself that to such a guy, “I would always prove his trust right, I would be his family and would love and respect his parents like my very own and respect the fact that he promises me nothing, but tries his best to give me everything I will ever need.”


  1. True, marriage is not only between 2 people, it is between two families, two cultures. It is 'we' which binds the marriage, where both "I"s tries their best to tear apart :) Good post.

  2. I hope 'HE' finds you soon enough :P

  3. I hope you get that man very soon ;) Indeed marriage creates a lifelong bond between 2 individuals whom you have to understand and live with and all that matters is the compatibility nd the bond itself! Good post

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