Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Very Very Sad Independence 66th Day!

Happy Independence Day. . .

It's been more than 60 years.

The first year of Independence I can understand why people wished each other a "Happy" Independence Day but today it's been sixty six years! I see no reason why people still keep calling it "Happy"??

With any form of independence comes responsibility. We have failed in our responsibilities sourly! Over the past 66 years we have killed each other, plundered each other, raped our women, oppressed the poor, supported the rich and divided the country communally.

The good fear the law, the bad have mutilated it since long. Our soldiers are dying and we say they were employed for that purpose. We have made food so expensive it doesn't matter if we eat it or not, its killing us either ways.

We have made roof so insanely expensive it would seem better to just take a gun and shoot ourselves instead of going through the trouble of earning one. There are Mercedes' adorning roads that resemble the moon's surface, bridges are falling, farmers are dying, kids are working to earn money. 

I don't think the English would have done anything different than what we are doing to ourselves. We have taken the baton of torture from them and inflicted it on ourselves. 

Should we still be happy about it? I really don't think so. So here's wishing all you guys A Very Very Sad Independence 66th Day! :(

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