Saturday, 10 August 2013

Do Not Fall In Love..

Do not fall in love,
With people like me.
People like me,
Will love you so hard,
That you turn into stone,
Into a statue where,
People come to marvel at,
How long it must have taken to carve,
That faraway look,
Into your eyes.

Do not fall in love,
With people like me.
We will take you to
Museums and parks
And monuments,
And kiss you in every beautiful place,
So that you
Can never go back to them
Without tasting us,
Like blood in your mouth.

Do not come any closer.
People like me
Are bombs.
When our time is up,
We will splatter loss
All over your walls
In angry colors.
That will make you wish
Your doorway never learned our name.

Do not fall in love,
With people like me,
With the lonely ones,
We will forget our
Own names
If it means learning yours.
We will make you think,
Hurricanes are gentle,
That pain is a gift.
You will get lost
In the desperation,
In the longing for something,
That is always reaching,
But never able to hold.

Do not fall in love,
With people like me.
We will destroy your apartment.
We will throw
Apologies at you.
That shatter on the floor,
And cut your feet
We will never learn,
How to be soft
We will leave.
We always do.

- Gabriel Gadfly


  1. Nice words.
    Reminds me of Dil Se movie :)

    1. Thank you, Anita :)
      You soooo love movies :D


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