Sunday, 18 August 2013

One Sided Love

It can be carried on forever, with no hope of being loved back. 

One sided love seems more like a punishment than a happy state of being. To love someone who doesn't love our back seems like a disaster. With no hope of the love being returned in some measure some day. Not even admired in return. 

What good is such love? That cannot be indulged in, celebrated, danced or sung to? A love that cannot enfold you securely with your loved one? Lonely love of this kind then feeds on itself, resulting in frustration, obsession and emptiness. It becomes a painful emotion. 

You may glimpse your ideal in someone, but it may just result into unrequited love. It is continued love without any labels and bonds that define a  relationship. 

One cannot relate for Meera's one sided love for Krishna. She lived a divine life. 

But in reality, you reach such an emotional stalemate that your feelings no longer can die, you are forced to stifle them.

It only depends on the strength of your personality whether you handle it and let it energize you or fade you away like Devdas?


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