Friday, 30 August 2013

The HP Android Experience

It was just another hectic day I had tackled at college. When I returned home pondering how badly I need some refreshment in my life, that's when my dear writer friend Rafaa Dalvi Whatsapped me a link saying 'Register'! I saw the link, and it was about registering to the HP Android meet organized by IndiBlogger.

A boring person that I am, I told him that I do not interact as such with people so let it be. After a lot of buttering (as he says it) I agreed to register, as the 98th attendee!

Though getting to the venue was a bit taxing, but it seemed all worth it! Being a part of the GenNext we used navigation tools and apps and somehow managed to reach Ave 29! It was my first IndiBlogger meet. And Ave 29 welcomed me with a great ambience, lovely people, good food, great presentations, entertaining games and a lot more to follow. It was a good exposure, building networks, laughs. Great time altogether. Being a Telecom engineer, getting to know of the latest technology was helpful too.

I liked the ‘burqa’ game! (I call it so because I don’t know what the game is actually called!) We were even asked to introduce ourselves in the ‘30 seconds of fame’ item! Some were shy, some bold and some with real good sense of humor.

I am not a gadget freak, but the session was not boring even for a second. I never felt out of place. Being bloggers, it was useful to know how technology now comes in a compact way with HP!

HP slates that you can now carry and tilt them as you wish. The detachable net book type devices catch your fancy when you can detach the keypad and make it works as a tab too! 2 in 1! What more does one want? The comparison between Android and other operating systems divided the blogger family into Android v/s Apple fans! I was amazed at the full touch screen slates that HP is introducing, that too with the best thing users would ever want - a 3 year warranty!

Two products launched by HP on Android OS –
1. HP SlateBook x2 - A hybrid or convertible that enables people to shift effortlessly from entertainment to work by combining tablet portability with notebook productivity in a sleek, lightweight device.

2. HP Slate 21 AiO - An All-in-One desktop that allows people to magnify their Android world at home with a Full HD touch screen which is ideal for family activities, providing easy access to entertainment and productivity features, plus fun Android apps.

The session was not only a demonstration of HP products but had useful presentations, where bloggers amongst us gave smart ways and tips to improve the blog looks and blog traffic, as well as the one audience enjoyed the most, a witty and humorous comparison of how phones are and were in the past and what is the ideal gadget that a user wants.

At the end, we were given an awesome HP Indiblogger meet mug as a souvenir. And yes, I also won two awesome HP products, a wireless mouse and compact speakers. We writers don’t write as such to get gifts, but 'Kuch extra milta hai, toh acha lagta hai.' It was that kind of feeling when the event ended.

I realized a few people already knew about my blog and it was an achievement in its own way to have an Indirank of 81/100 in just 3 months of writing. Must say, earning of a writer is - recognition and respect for his/her work! Today, I am proud to be a part of Indiblogger, where writers are respected. What followed was group photo sessions. The first meet itself was a cherishing experience! Now I look forward to such meets!

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