Saturday, 3 August 2013

The 'Let-Go' Policy to Stay Stress Free.

You believe someone else is causing you stress. The truth is there is only one person responsible for your state of mind. That person is YOU.

Practice ‘attitude control’. Assess the people you interact with. Accept them for what they are. You will no longer suffer from others’ faults.

Stress is mental turbulence caused by unfulfilled desire. Eliminate desire and you will perform every action perfectly and effortlessly. When fulfilled, desire takes the form of greed, delusion, envy, arrogance and frustration. Today, stress is an aggravator of many illnesses. It decreases efficiency. 

If guided by intellect, desire becomes aim, ambition and aspiration. If you are obsessed with your desire, we will never get the object of it. Identify your talent and gift. Invest energy into it, selflessly. When your goals include the well being of others, it accelerates the accomplishment of that goal. Make a difference. Use it constructively.

Attachment often causes stress. In the end, we lose people we love the most! So love people for what they are. Don’t demand and impose bondages. Let go. Understand yourself well. Carefully manage your mind and intellect. Be stress free and blissful. Remember, stress is a good servant but a bad master.


  1. Exactly..even I've experienced such things..especially what you said that eliminate desire to give 100%..gr8 thought.. thumbs up


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