Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dearest Nirbhaya...

/A tribute to Nirbhaya.. 
A small change may bring a big difference! Soch badlo duniya badlegi!/

One fine day when the news mentioned you,
I was surrounded with a feeling so blue,
And then girl, as your story unfold,
My heart went numb & I was all cold.
Hearing all what you had to bear,
I couldn't do anything but shed some tear,
Only listening the incident I was so lost,

What mistake was it that made you pay this cost?
They did not treat you like a human, this made me annoy,
Even a toy is not beaten with an alloy,
Not to forget the hero - your friend,
Who tried to save you till the very end,
And you were really strong to say "BURN THEM ALIVE"

Trust me it was YOU till last who strive,
They were so cruel to you still they could blame,
To hide their flaws utter words all lame,
Forgetting they considered that ride a fair.
Shameless even pointed your personal affair,
Like hot dish blames were plated,
Brutality would have been less had you cooperated.

But dear we all know you weren't wrong,
Time and luck pushed you on that prong,
I don't know why God chose you,
Maybe no one on earth was as strong as you,
A severe punishment is asked by all who condemn,
They should be dressed as girls & left among them,
We will fight your battle half fought,
The vigilance while going, to us you brought,
Surely they will be hanged, smile girl you so brave,
But we wish you were here to spit on their grave.


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