Friday, 6 September 2013

Fight Right With Your Partner!

Children of all ages, even when they become parents themselves, hate to see their own parents fight.

That is one relationship they wish to see rock solid, the foundation they have based the rest of their relationships on.

Parents fighting can be traumatic to children. It strikes terror in their hearts. In India, parents do not hold hands, touch or show other signs of affection in front of their children, but they do not hesitate to fight before them.

Regular fights can put people off marriage. Being together becomes a synonym of fighting for them.

It is important how you fight. Fight right with your partner and have healthy arguments and negotiations. And always seek a solution together.

1. Do not lose your basic decency when you fight.
2. Listen to the other partner's viewpoint.
3. Assure your partner that you sympathize and understand when he/she is hurt.
4. Give your entire attention to that matter in hand.
5. Do not storm out in the middle of an argument without reaching a resolution. Don’t let things go out of hand.


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