Thursday, 10 October 2013

Amazing Facts About Mumbai's Lifeline - Local Trains!

As they read, Mumbaikars will love this, and the other city-wallah’s can read and enjoy the Maximum City’s daily life through its never dying lifeline - The Mumbai Local Train.

1. Mumbai Local Train, where a person thinks he won a crucial battle if he gets a window seat in the local.

2. You should be the bravest man on earth to catch a Virar train to Borivali during peak hours!

3. When we, Mumbaikars are late for college/office, whatever maybe the reason, we always blame our poor local trains for the delay.

4. No space for even an ant to step in, still, while boarding the train people scream "arey! khali hai bhai, poora train khali hai!"

5. Getting in an empty bogie of a Mumbai train during peak hours and asking, "Yeh first class hai kya?" :P

6. The awesome moment when you don’t have to move towards the exit, you are simply pushed towards it by the crowd!

7. We don't believe that the train is going to arrive until the time indicator displays "01 min remaining."

8. When we are in a fully packed train, we always feel like wanting to sit. But, when the train is vacant, we stand at the door enjoying the breeze playing with our hair!

9. In Mumbai suburbs, there is a invisible station between Borivali and Kandivali known as “Thambevali.” The train never fails to halt there!

10. Nobody remains “UNTOUCHED" once they enter the Churchgate fast local. :P You can experience a body massage, all for free!

11. Act dead if someone asks for your seat in “MUMBAI LOCAL” *a stupid gesture* But here, you find all kinds of people, ignorant ones and also the caring ones, though you are no one to them.

12. No matter, how thin or fat are the three people already sitting, someone still argues to occupy the 4th seat!

13. In every local train journey you will find at least one person asking “arre yeh platform kis taraf aayega??”

14. “Agla Station Andheri” puts everyone in the train in ‘Ready to Fight’ mode!

15. If a Borivali passenger enters in the Virar Train, then it is an inexcusable Crime! 

16. Only Mumbai local travelers know what is “Video Coach”:P (For those who don’t know, it means the first class ladies coach
attached to the gents compartment with a square cut in between)

17. You have the following set of friends if you are a Mumbaikar - School Friends, College friends, Building friends, Office friends and yes, “Train friends”, a species unique only in Mumbai! 

Despite the daily struggle, I love the city I reside in. Nothing beats it! Despite just anything, I love Mumbai – A City That Never Sleeps!

Mumbai Meri Jaan!


  1. Lol..Nice facts...Last time I went to Mumbai,didn't had the time to board one Local Train(just for experience sake) but this time I am sure to board one...

    1. This time do travel. You will hopefully love the experience ;)

  2. Good facts and Mumbai is always amazing.

  3. Replies
    1. Enjoyed reading a lot.
      Awesome Mumbai.
      Every Mumbaikar can relate to atleast 7 points here.

    2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it! :)


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