Friday, 4 October 2013

Fight That 'Why Me?' Feeling..

We all experience the aching emotion of feeling wronged by life, when our suffering seems unjustified and others seem to live a perfect life. And you wonder, why me? 

We all invariably experience setbacks. We question the fairness of life on losing a promotion or a disturbed relationship, or on suffering a chronic illness. We are all sometime or the other crippled by thoughts of self doubt, self blare and self pity. 

Overcome such despair by -

Thank God for all that you have, because you never questioned God 'Why Me?' when HE blessed you with all the good things. In a moment of despair, we quickly blame God and take our blessings for granted.

Don't take it personally. Every pain is an integral part of life's evolution. Believe that whatever is manifesting is for our highest good. Learn lessons instead of being judgmental.

Kill the fear:
The fear that whatever is going to happen will scar us forever, is what paralyses us. Take it as an experience. The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Fight that ‘Why Me?’ feeling with positivity! Keep negative emotions at bay. 


  1. Hi there! Very Interesting subject. I like your approach towards situation in life. Every situation is an experience indeed. Nicely summed up. We should always think positive.

    1. @valleyz: thank you :) glad you liked it :)

  2. Indeed for everything that happens in our life is for a Reason and I believe whatever happens in our Life is for Good.. :)

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