Tuesday, 1 October 2013

So What Leads To A Rape?!

Attraction leads to romance. When Shah Rukh Khan is attracted to his heroine he sings songs, doesn’t rape her!

So what leads to rape? DESPERATION leads to rape.

Every girl has a right to dress up as she wishes.  So don't place it on the length of her clothes. Even if you leave a scantily dressed lady minister at night on the road, nothing will happen to her. Because the consequences of such acts done to a minister are known. But when it comes to normal girls, the rapists know, they can get away with it easily. So it is not lack of clothes on a girl’s body, but lack of consequences. The laws of this country are not so apt and stringent.

The length of clothes on her body is not a measure of her character. And the height of audacity?! The questions are fired on the girl herself after rape.

Why was she alone?  Why was she do scantily dressed? Why was she drunk? 

However she is, that doesn't give anyone a license to rape her. 

The police say she wanted something to happen, so she was out so late! So, tell me, why were the men forcing her, if she herself wanted things to happen? Was it like the girl meant 'Hey boy, do you want to come up on me?’  And the guy said 'Run!'? 

We often blame it on the western culture?  Which western culture? The same that has given us IVF, birth control techniques, or electricity and bulbs? Because of which we can leave our homes even when it is dark outside?

Being biased to a particular culture is plain hypocrisy, according to me. What leads to rape is the dirty mindset of a few desperate men, and nothing else.

If at all it was limited to only girls wearing short clothes or being drunk, but then what about these nasty men not refraining from raping even 4 year olds???


  1. The genesis of any evil is the mind, the mindset.
    the above written lines deserves being read.


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