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Within Marriage, Romance Can Truly Abound!

22nd October, 2013.
Karva Chauth.

For me, it was not just a fast but something that had yet a deeper meaning. Like many other married women, I too had undertaken the Karva Chauth vrat (fast) to pray for seeking the longevity, prosperity and well being of my husband and to seek blessings for a happy married life.

My day started early in the morning, before sunrise, I woke up to have my sargi (a festive meal) given by my mother-in law. I was very conscious that I should not eat anything or drink water on this day. Observing a strict fast and abstaining from food and water for the entire day is tough, but my love for him kept me going. Yes, I love him, ‘my husband’ – it is a kind of unsaid love. We have had an arranged marriage, it has been only a month since then, so it is taking us a bit of time to get to know each other and discover more about each other. But as far as I have known him, I am already in love with him, for the kind of person he is. He has become a 'soulmate' now. 

Nowadays, Karva Chauth is very popular among youngsters too, who fast for their partners or simply fast to please God for a good life partner! Never mind the cacophony that some feminists create over this “chauvinistic” tradition; but fasting after you are married is a romantic occasion, I believe. This event reflects joy, splendor, brightness and happiness of a married life. There is something romantic in fasting for the man I love! I’m too filmy, I know.

This is my first Karva Chauth after my marriage. So obviously, it is an occasion to indulge in a lot of fun and frolic. So here I’m all decked up, like a newly-wed bride, having used up all the sola (16) shringaar items, wearing a bright red saree (well, red defines marriage) with a beautiful necklace that my sasu-ma gifted me this morning. Feeling absolutely bridal, I’m flaunting the things that symbolize and reflect the marital status of a woman – the exquisite henna designs on my hands, sindoor (vermillion) on my forehead, Mangalsutra, Bindi and colorful bangles.

In the evening, we sat in a circle, with my sasu-ma narrating vrat kathas (stories) and chanting prayers. Around 8.30pm, it was time for the puja. The puja thalis were all set. We were all waiting desperately for the moon to show its glimpse. So, it was all about the moon and the men! I lit the karva (earthen lamp) in my thali. I saw both the moon and my husband through a sieve and performed the aarti. He offered me the first morsel to break the fast.

As he fed me, Viraj said, “So, Patni won’t you feed me back?!” Surprised, I said, “Sure.” That’s when he revealed that he was fasting too. It was his expression of love and care for me. That was the moment I discovered his love for me. Love needs no words, for actions are enough to show that you care. I asked him back, “But, this was not needed Viraj.” He replied back, “Why not? If you can fast for my well-being, then why can’t I too, for my wife’s well being?” Well, I couldn’t say anything more. All I managed to utter was, “Thank you. That’s so sweet of you.”

A while later, after all the pujas were done, Viraj came over and secretly asked if I could go on a drive with him. We took everyone’s permission and went for the drive - that's when he presented me with my first romantic gift ever - a solitaire platinum diamond pendant necklace. The jewelry box had a note kept which read, “Chehre pe hasi chha jati hai, Aankhon main suroor aa jata hai, Jab tum mujhe apna kehti ho, Apne pe guroor aa jaata hai!” He left me speechless. It was very romantic and emotional for me at the same time.

He said, “I love you, Aaradhya. I often may get occupied with my duties and responsibilities, but now after having this pendant you will know, I love you always. You know, in the hierarchy of metals, platinum is the most precious and 30 times more rare than gold! To signify and celebrate the highest level of our relationship, our marriage, something this pure is needed, something so durable that stands the testimony of time! I want you to wear this everyday for the rest of your life, so that our love and bond never fades or tarnishes.”

Yes, I loved him. He loved me too. But we never said that aloud to each other. But marriage is such a bond that romance has to abound in it! Not being able to contain my happiness, I told him, “I love you more than my life, Viraj and I pray to God that I leave this world in your arms. I am proud to be Mrs Aaradhya Viraj Sharma. Thank you for being mine! We are forever. This pendant will be the most coveted piece of jewelry I will ever possess. It is so pretty and dazzling white!” I gave him a quick peck on his cheek and hugged him tightly and snuggled up like a small child.  

Karva Chauth gave me an opportunity to spend some quality time with my husband – rather rare given our frenetic work lives. Marriage is a joyous decision of staying together - a decision destined to change our lives forever. It is the foundation for a lifetime of everlasting love and romance.

My husband is more than just a life partner. He becomes my protector when I’m in trouble. He respects me, comforts me and cares for my happiness. This bond I share with him is such a sacrosanct one. We now realize the importance of each other in our lives. This day has become a symbol of our unflagging loyalty and love for each other - the kind of love that begins and never ends. It’s the day we achieved a deeper, more enriching and personal satisfaction out of being in love. The realization of this rare moment is my ‘Platinum Day of Love’ with my 'soulmate'!

It has kept the love experienced between the two of us budding and has brought us closer. Such days are never planned. This has been the day that made me experience immense satisfaction of being with my better half. Indeed, unsaid words are useless, unless you utter them. Viraj and Aaradhya are meant to be. And there is nobody else I would want to spend the rest of my life with, apart from Viraj.

I still can't believe that I have ended up with such a sweet husband. I am blessed to have him. Marriage is more than just a piece of paper. It's a commitment for life. And I am glad that I will share my life with not just my husband but also my best friend, the love of my life. I am proud to say that I love this man, and I am truly loved back by this man, hamesha and forever. 

I feel soulmates are not necessarily life mates; but your life mate surely becomes your 'soulmate' because marriage is powerful!

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  1. Liked you post. Aptly described. All the best :)

    1. thank you Rafaa :)
      appreciation from you, means alot :)

  2. Lovely Aayesha...very well expressed...:)...Best of luck..:D

  3. Loved reading about your love(ly) relationship... Wish you both a good life together! :)

    1. oh thank you :) but, Vanessa, it's not for real, just my imagination. thank you for stopping by :D

  4. Loved it. It is hard to hear praises about a husband. Good going guys!

    You can read my story at

    1. haha.. that's true!! but men do deserve appreciation, for all the small and big things they do for women :)
      all the best for the contest Dr Lawrence :)

  5. Hi, I am from PGI (Platinum Guild India). Congratulations, You have got a beautiful story and we loved it. We would like to know more about your story. So Kindly send me your contact details through email. Write your and your partners full Name, Contact Number.
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  6. Sweet story, Aayesha :)
    Fits well with the current IndiSpire topic & also with VDay :)


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