Sunday, 17 November 2013

Fearless Footprints of an ‘Immune’ India!

I want to be immune.. to the thorns of viruses,
And have a strong defense system,
I will never, ever be happy enough,
If I catch an allergy,
And if I can no longer carelessly play,
In the next door’s garden.

No one survives life, I know,
I can hear the voices in my head,
I can hear the noises of the dead.
My immunity does not grant me immortality,
But, I cannot let my world fade to black from this reality.

Trees suffer my share of suffocation,
The network of germs is intriguing,
Slowly, gripping my health,
Until life becomes an infection,
These outsiders glance at my body in amazement,
At that which cannot be solved,
Puzzling enigmas,
How am I able to ward off,
The weakness, the sickness?
They stand strong every time you look their way.

Yet, away from all the stress,
I have a healthy diet,
I skip the junk and stick to veggies,
The best six doctors anywhere,
My momma says..
And no one can deny it,
Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.
My momma gives me Dabur Chyawan Junior,
Black gold, by a brand so reliable,
My daily doctor, tasty and healthy,
The natural immunity booster,
With this gun, I fight the germs and infections,
Thus, maintaining my body’s balance.

My immune system is in place,
A network of body cells guarding me,
And protecting me,
Never letting me down,
Rising me with a ring of strength.

I celebrate life with Dabur,
It builds up my front,
Where I come across as unbreakable,

Standing tall, untouched by the harmful,
Taking the defense when they look my way,
Hiding my weakness and vulnerability,
Not allowing them to see me crack under pressure.

Being immune to the pain,
Giving the germs’ hits a miss!
Telling them,
Why expend your energy trying to break me?
My immune system is still intact,
For my safe-keeping,
Protecting my innocence from the virus attack!

Let us pledge with Dabur and work towards a fearless and immune India!

P.S: This is my entry for the ‘Dabur Chyawanprash, An Immune India’ contest powered by IndiBlogger. For more details, visit


  1. Whoa girl.. thats beautiful .. Best Of Luck girl :D

  2. Told beautifully in the words of a child! Different from all other posts in the contest. All the best!

    Would appreciate your candid views on my post at

    1. oh thank you for your kind words Saket :)
      you wrote nicely too. in depth research. hatsoff :)

  3. Really beautiful writing. I envy you! All the best.

    Would love your comments on my post at

    1. thank you Dr Lawrence :)
      all the best to you too :)

  4. A nice way to present it as a poem. good luck :)

    Do share your thoughts on mine here:

  5. Wonderful post...:)
    And all the best for the contest...:D

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