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Health is Wealth, India

‘Immunity’ is that mechanism by which your body is protected from the invasion of external bodies, through its own physiological or artificial means. It is important to build up the immune system and make your body defenses stronger. Blame it on pollution, lifestyle or whatever, people nowadays are plagued more and more with allergies or catch a cold often.  

As we know, there is no one magic cure, one supplement, or one way to strengthen the immune system and fight off the health threats, but there are many things you need to do to help prevent from getting sick in the future and to stay strong and healthy. The stronger your immune system the lower is your susceptibility to diseases and mild infections.

The idea of boosting your immunity is enticing, but the ability to do so has proved elusive for several reasons. The immune system is precisely that — a system, not a single entity. To function well, it requires balance and harmony of many factors.

What I believe is that - it all begins with the kids. If the kids are imbibed with such knowledge, we will soon be an ‘Immune India’~ ‘Swast’ (healthy) Bharat (India); ‘Sukhi’ (happy) Bharat!

A healthy environment is as important as a safe one. Good light, comfortable air, temperature, and ventilation contribute to the health and well-being of the infants and toddlers in the environment.

Nutrition for toddlers should be food that is pure and natural - not processed with additives. Toddlers enjoy finger food. They need a break from purees and cereals. Feed them fruits or vegetable snacks rather than cookies or highly salted crackers. Give apple slices and carrot sticks when they have enough teeth and ability to chew them. Be sure that your kids are up to date on their immunizations.

On a personal level, each one of us can strive for a fearless and immune India. If we take care of the following little aspects and urge the future of our nation, our kids –to follow them. Staying well while those around you sniffle and sneeze is tough. Some of the healthy living strategies for a stronger, healthier and an Immune India, I think are-

-Get enough sleep at night. By not allowing our body sufficient rest, the immune system will sputter, and as a result, not function at full capacity and become vulnerable to common illnesses. A healthy, deep sleep allows our body to release a significant amount of growth hormone that boost the immune system and aids in the growth and repair of the body.

-Consume plenty of water. Water washes away toxins, allergens and wastes from our body. It keeps our immune system operating optimally while improving the way we feel, look and live.

-Exercise. An increase in blood flow associated with moderate exercise helps to circulate antibodies along with white blood cells necessary to fight infection more quickly. As a result, this provides our bodies with an early warning system to ward off potentially damaging germs. In addition, the increase in body temperature as a result of physical activity aids in inhibiting the growth of bacteria; thus allowing the body to fight infection more effectively. Exercise can be something as simple as brisk walking.

-Eat a healthy and well balanced diet. To strengthen your immune system, you need to first avoid the things that weaken it. Cut back on junk and fast food, however tasty it may seem. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies. It is very challenging in the world we live in to obtain sufficient nutrition with the foods available to us. They are over processed and void of many essential nutrients. We Indian kids hate those green leafy vegetables, don’t we?! But, parents should urge their kids to eat such foods that pack the biggest nutritional punch.

-Cut down the stress. Stress can be avoided by partaking in relaxation activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditative breathing and muscle relaxation.

-Stay Happy. Have a positive attitude. If you are always complaining, always negative and always expect that things are bad and only getting worse, you run the risk of compromising your immune system. Instead, think positive, live in the present moment and do not take things too seriously.

-No alcohol, drugs, coffee or smoking. It depletes the immune system and body of important nutrients.

-Increase your intake of antioxidants. Our Indian culture is famous for Ayurveda, herbs. Our generation needs to relive such boons of the past for us to be an immune nation.

-Personal hygiene. Keep your hands washed before preparing foods/eating/touching your face. Use hand sanitizers or use anti bacterial soaps.

Every time a child falls ill, parents make a small promise somewhere in their hearts that no matter what, next time onwards they will take all precautions (about the diet and immunity) and not let the kid fall sick. But, no matter how much we shout on our kids to stop their nuances, but when the same kid falls sick, we begin to miss his talks, his activities. After all, it’s the parents who suffer the most when kids fall sick. It breaks one’s heart to see the poor baby not doing any antics and missing school!

Don’t we all wish there were certain immunity boosting formulas which, if given to our kids, do not have any side effects and increase their resistance power against diseases and common ailments like flu and cold and make them immune!?

Many products on store shelves claim to boost or support immunity. Walk into a store, and you will find bottles of pills and herbal preparations that claim to “support immunity” or otherwise boost the health of your immune system.  Rarely, do they stand by what they promise!


Dabur: A brand nourishing an Immune India since 125 years!!

Dabur Chyawanprash increases NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) which are an essential part of our body’s immune system and fights germs, bacteria and infections by 3 times hence increasing our immunity by 3 times. Thus, Dabur Chyawanprash helps us in fighting against germs, viruses and helps protect against infections, making us free to take on the outdoors, unhygienic surroundings, weather changes and pollution.

* Dabur Real Active Orange Juice

What if one can increase the nutritional value of the first meal of the day? Dabur India Real Active Orange juice does exactly that! It kick-starts your day on a healthy note and its high vitamin C content builds up your immunity and protects you from allergies and infections. Helping iron absorption, it improves skin tone and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Rich in Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, this juice is just the right nutritional supplement for the kids.

* Dabur Bournvita

Cadbury Bournvita, is the most loved and trusted brands in India and across the globe. It has natural & scientific nutrients that multiply the power of milk & provides children with ‘tan aur mann ki shakti’, thereby preparing them for achievement. It has been the best protein health drink for kids since ages. It has around 40% RDA (recommended daily allowance). It builds immunity and increases strength and memory. 


The latest Bournvita ad I love, it is simply so meaningful and well conceptualized. Whenever, I see it, I am moved by the impactive force of how the mom prepares her child for the ‘tayyari jeet ki’ (being prepared for every challenge) with Bournvita.

And the list of Dabur products can go on and on..

Health is wealth, is an old adage! ‘Jaan hai toh jahaan hai’, ‘Sar salamat toh pagdi hazaar’, well say it in any language, they all mean the same, “Save your head first, your possessions should not be your priority. You can buy worldly things anytime later, but not health.”

Let us all strive for a fearless and ‘immune’ India! Celebrate life with Dabur and its value for money magic products.

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