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A Tablet For Boredom! ;)

Some people may get tablets because they are the ‘cool’ new technology, but then have no idea what to do with it and are left scratching their heads!  Others may receive them as a gift or for work with the same effect.  If tablets didn’t have important functions they never would have been created to begin with.  The truth is that tablets can have a profound effect on your daily life if you know how to use them.

One of the strengths of a tablet is its large screen.  This allows media lovers to basically carry around a mobile television.  For those who love to watch movies and television on the go, the large, clear screen allows for tons of mobile entertainment.  Users interested in literature can have a big screen and a myriad of apps to keep them happy. 

This is more convenient than carrying around a laptop. Tablets are simple to use and versatile devices. Laptops are heavy pieces of equipment. With a tablet, you will do away with all of that undo shoulder strain. Keep it in a safety sleeve, and your tablet should fit right in the bag you carry with you, extremely portable. Tablets are an emerging technology and nobody knows just what the future will bring with this gadgets.  One thing is for sure, tablet computers are not going anywhere soon.

Tablets have integrated into our everyday lives and owning one has made my life easier.

My daily tablet life:
7:00 My alarm clock on my tablet goes off and I get out of bed. While I am getting dressed for the day, I listen to some music on my tablet. Thanks to the great sound, it is no different than a radio in the room.

8:00 While enjoying my breakfast, I read the newspaper on my tablet to catch up on what is happening in the world. The news application lets me choose which types of news I want to receive and only shows me what I want to see and not all the boring stuff I am not interested in.

8:30 On my way to college, I listen to my favorite music again. At times, I can’t help but to sing out loud.

9:00 I check my e-mails and my to-do list on the calendar for the day. I also use it to quickly make a couple of calls.

11:00 Me and my friends have frequent arguments and we Google the answer on my tablet!

12:00 I go pick my lunch that I order from my tablet and enjoy my meal while laughing at some silly jokes I received via e-mail, WhatsApp or WeChat.

15:00 Not in the mood to study, so I silently watch a movie on my tablet with my Bluetooth headset or at times, I write my thoughts in the ‘Notes’ section.

17:15 On my way home, I play my all time favorite games, ‘Temple Run’ and ‘Subway Surfers’; these games keep the child in you alive!

21:00 In bed and my tablet is plugged into my HD TV and I enjoy a movie before bed.

23:00 Can’t sleep so I browse Facebook to see what is happening with my friends and to see what they have been up to.
The day is over!


Better ways to use the Yoga Tablet:
#1. Vacation Station
From the beginning of the process to actually being there, one can use a tablet to put you on a cruise vacation, a sandy beach or a mountain trail! With your Internet connected tablet, all your initial research can be done anywhere, from your sofa, patio and if the boss isn't looking, even while you're at work. With a tablet as your travel planner, you can check out photographs and reviews of your destination, as well as availability and costs of flights, car rental, hotels, restaurants, insurance, and any number of activities for you and your family when you get there.

#2. Workout Buddy
When you're racking up the miles on a lonely treadmill, what better way to provide much needed entertainment than a well-positioned tablet? Now it's easy to catch up with the TV you missed the night before, a favorite episodes, or a classic movie maybe. With your tablet connected, you'll also have access to hundreds of fitness, nutrition and diet guidance apps to help you lead a healthier life.

#3. Ultimate Shopper
With a tablet you will become a shopping guru. If there's a bargain within a hundred miles, you'll sniff it out using the latest shopping apps. Armed with a 3G internet connection, you can scan barcodes and check prices in store, then compare prices with other suppliers nearby. How far will you drive to get that dress for half price? And will it be in stock? Simple - use your tablet to check availability and even get driving directions to another store while you're online!

#4. Online Storage and Portable Backup
Get organized with Dropbox - one of the most user-friendly file storage and management tablet apps around. It allows you to securely store all your data files online, as well as supporting cross-platform file syncing, online backup and restore functions. Whatever you've stored is completely accessible, so you can download, upload, share and retrieve using one account on any online device. Send download links to your friends; save photos and video from your tablet's camera to other computers and even open files using other Android applications.

#5. Silver screen
Also available are tablet apps where details of any movie theatre, including local show timings are given. You can also see how films are performing at the box office, and get a sneak peek at new theatre and DVD releases. If you want to see how critics rated a particular film you can also read their reviews before you head out. And whatever you think of films you've seen, you can share your own opinion with friends and family too.

#6. Get Organized ~ Time Management!
Want to be more productive? There are highly-effective tools designed for time tracking, recording how long you spend on a task and converting this into clear reporting information. You can use it as an individual, or for teams of people working together on a project.

#7. Games
Funny, stylish games with great sound effects are available for download. But be warned - you may pick it up to kill a few idle minutes and then realize you've lost an hour. They help you pass time with ease.

#8. Reading On The Go!
Whether you are a daily reader, or you enjoy weekly comic books, tablets have applications that are going to give you a better reading experience than books. With the storage of tablets, you can keep hundreds of books, newspapers, comics, or reference materials well in hand to check and use whenever the need arises.

#9. Media Whenever!
Music videos, movie rentals, and television programs are all ready for you with a local hot-spot nearby. No need to have cable anymore!

#10. Printing
With a USB connector, any tablet can become a quick way to get a document you need. No need to log on to a foreign computer to get what you need. Jack in your tablet, and print whatever you choose.

#11. Reviews All The Time!
Ever been torn between two restaurants, and you wished you had competent reviews to check out? Pop the name of the places in on your tablet, and you are immediately given all of the details you need!

#12. A Second Screen
Perfect for college students, a tablet is the reference book on your lap while you type your thesis. Instead of having multiple windows open which can get messy and confusing, a tablet makes an ideal second monitor for getting twice as much work done.

#13. Creativity Enhancement & Writing
Tablets have made the quick transition to being smaller laptops by adding peripherals like small keyboards that can be attached on the go. With that available to you, there is no reason to not keep working on your bestselling novel, or create a song using any number of interesting music generators.

#14. Go Paperless!
Scrap the paper!  Use your tablet to jot down quick notes like phones numbers and to-do lists.  Download and edit PDFs so there is no longer a need to print out stacks of papers for your next meeting. 

#15. Learning by e-books
> >Matching Lifestyle of Students
Textbooks are not only expensive but also take a lot of room if you’re a book-worm. On the other hand, thousands of e-books may only take several gigabytes out of your tablet. For a student, taking three large books isn’t considerable. Instead, he can take 1 tablet for all them and still get more. I wish to see tablets stepping on its predecessor’s footprint of education to experience a new realm of learning.

Students are tech savvy and we know that. Students like to hang around with their electronic gadgets all the time and with the help of tablet, they’ll get the whole education system in their tablet. They’ll be able to get everything which fits best for their lifestyle.

>> Customizable Teaching Techniques
Textbooks don’t offer presentations, audio tracks, video lectures etc to illustrate topics more clearly, tablets do! But, with the help of tablets, student can learn more quickly and efficiently. You’ll not only connect yourself with your relative classmates but also with the whole world by sharing your works through internet. You can also get help from thousands of teachers who are willing to provide you any kind of help.

My idea of an ‘ideal’ tablet ~
>Whatever you're looking for in a tablet, you'll want to choose a model that makes the best use of its biggest and most iconic feature – that beautifully-large smooth glass screen with high resolution capability, pin sharp breathtaking clarity.

>The cutting-edge graphics technology and clear digital audio of a tablet come together to bring all multimedia applications to life – in particular, the quality of your movie-watching experiences taken to a whole new level. Watch anything, anywhere.

>Fully compatible with Adobe Flash, to add rich animation, video, and interactivity to web pages, apps and games.


An answer to my expectations ~ The Lenovo Yoga Tablet, at its versatile best!

True to its name (it's named after Lenovo's convertible Yoga PCs), the screen can fold over. It rotates 135 degrees, allowing for three different usage modes. You can use it as a traditional tablet with the kickstand closed ("Read mode") or you can open the kickstand so that the tablet's propped up on its own (that's be "Stand mode"). There's also "Tilt mode," which involves laying the tablet face-up with the cylindrical battery keeping the device slightly propped up, allowing for easier on-screen typing.

These light weight tablets sport a kickstand which lets the tablet sit upright, which is perfect for watching a movie, having a video chat, or even using the device as an impromptu digital picture frame. The kickstand also lets you lay the tablet down at a lower angle, which is ideal for typing. No accessory case required! Finally, Hold mode lets you grip the tablet more comfortably in your palm for reading in portrait mode. It feels firm and balanced in a way that it shouldn't, the thinness of the bezel is still a little thrill, the anodized back is just grippy enough that you can walk around with it one handed and not worry about slippage.

The chrome painted trim of the Yoga helps complete the premium look of the tablet. This silver-like finish offers a premium look and makes it stand out in a world of black and white slates. The thick rounded edge at one side of the Yoga isn’t just there to support the different Yoga modes, but it provides housing for its better than average battery. These are tablets that will last the whole day with you, that is 13 hours of battery life with wi-fi turned on and the screen set at a lower brightness setting. It is ideal for frequent-flyers and marathon TV watchers.

When it comes to Android tablets, they are all rather ho-hum; big rectangular slabs. Thank god that, Lenovo felt the pain of Android users and has created a new solution -- a better way, a tablet which can do Yoga, don’t take my words literally though! Thank you Lenevo!

Image Courtesy : Google.
P.S: This is my entry for the #BetterWay Contest for Lenevo Yoga tablet organized by Indiblogger.
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