Monday, 30 December 2013

The Golden Dawn

The breaking of dawn brings back to me the vivid memories of childhood, when the start of the day with chirping of birds was like a new life... After months of laziness (of not getting up early), I had been off late waking up early to study for the exams (thank God, they are over now!), it was then that I witnessed the scenic sunrise after many days... A small poem to capture the silent, vacant moments...

Day breaks,
Darkness fades into vermillion,
Silence after farewell,
Melodious surroundings,
Blissful peace,
Prayer sounds, tinkling bells,
The warm light slowly creeping in,
Sun rising,
Me smiling,
For it’s a fresh start, all over again!


  1. Nice and sweet poem ..
    Gr8 work aayu ..

  2. "Darkness fades into vermilion" .. kya baat hai :)

    1. aye Namrota, I simply love that sindoori colour at dawn break!
      just inspired me! :)

  3. New beginnings to herald a new year! Happy New Year! :)

  4. Short and sweet...Happy beginnings for a new year.
    Have a great year ahead.

    1. Thank you Preethi. Glad you liked it :)
      Happy new year!


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