Friday, 13 December 2013

The Realm Of Darkness...

When I was 9,
I was afraid of the dark,
Afraid that lurking behind the curtains,
A figure would bark!

Now I am 22,
Lost in a lonely city,
It's comforting to know,
When the lights go off,
The same figure still coughs.

Strange thing, the darkness - a force parallel to light,
Scares the many who with people flock,
And mates the few,
Who on the pedestal of isolation dock.

All worlds begin in darkness,
And all so end.
The heart is no different.
Darkness sprouts within it, it grows, consumes it. 


  1. beautifully written...:)..darkness envelops us many times...true that it is a force parallel to light & had darkness not been there who would appreciate light?

    1. thank you Amrita :) glad, you liked it!

  2. Beautiful ... Memories from childhood are indeed a comfort, even if they terrified you then.

    1. actually Preethi :)
      childhood is childhood! priceless! :D

  3. Ah! beautifully penned memories :)


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