Friday, 31 January 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Shukriya - My 100th Blogpost! :D

Shukriya! Yes! I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me to write and has been a part of my month long journey.

Honestly, it’s been tough. Yes, even though I love writing, it was a bit squeezing, to write something daily for 31 days, given your hectic schedule.

Taking up a challenge like Ultimate Blogging Challenge will not win me anything. But I am already a winner. Honestly, people didn’t quite appreciate me taking this challenge up initially; some said, it won’t keep up the same quality of my writing. Some said, even they had taken it up but lost hope in a week or so! So if these are the cases, then of course I see myself a winner coming out of it.

Everyday observing and looking out for things to write about, I have surprised myself too, eventually! Beyond everything, it would not be wrong to say, that it takes a sincere person to stand by such challenges, weak spirited people automatically avoid it. It has taught me to be honest and sincere about commitments, not to show it to the world, but to myself!

According to my blog stats, this is my 100th post. 15k+ blog views in 8 months! Tomorrow I’ll be completing UBC. :D

I have grown as a person and to some extent my story telling has improved! Thanks to the tons of prompts I handled, which confined my thought process to 55 or 100 words or maybe some demanding a 5 sentence story narration and creating a plot. To be honest, I rarely focused on it earlier.

And then, I learnt about Haiku, a Japanese form of poem and although they are a respite when you face writer’s block that you write just three lines and end up your post, but wait! It isn’t that easy! Restricting your emotions in 3 lines and 17 syllables! I do accept that whenever I was drained off of thoughts, I attempted Haiku, maybe to have an easy escape!

Also, writing for prompts and contests of Indiblogger has given my blog a ‘never like before’ response and boost! How can I forget it was this month that two of my posts were the top posts on Indiblogger! (Well, I know people who have each post of theirs amongst the top ones!) But in a way, it is a small achievement of my successful networking and more than that, people liking and relating to what I write.

As if a part of some marathon, I wrote daily sincerely, for Write Tribe, UBC, Haiku Heights prompts. I wrote poems, framed story plots for picture prompts, did many a things for the very first time and they did turn out well.

If no prompt was available, then I expressed my views over some random social topics which were inspirational, in some sense.

There also came a Liebster award from a co-blogger Anmol, this month! My 3rd Liebster award! :D
It was during this month, I received an author signed copy of ‘The Guardian Angels’ from Rohit Gore for a review from Write Tribe!

My reading power has enhanced as I make it a point to go through some good writers and their work. Also, thanking Richa Singh and Nabanita; reading you both daily was a motivation that I don’t have to give up on this challenge and it kept me on my toes.

And thank you, my readers who give purpose to my writing! Some of you waiting for my posts, some wishing a post could be longer and craving for more words. It is lovely hearing from whom ever I meet now, “Oh, you write! Nice!”

Met a good friend a few days back and she said, “I read your posts when I am in a good state of mind, so that I understand it and learn good things from it.” I was really honored to hear that! Each comment, each vote is a compliment to me, that I am doing good! Thank you everyone!

I am glad I took up UBC! Yay!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Love v/s Lust

Within the romantic confines of a relationship, there exist two feelings that appear similar, but have monumental differences: love and lust.

Love is the romantic ideal that drives many to continue through their daily lives, that directors portray in epic films, and that children read about in Disney stories.

Lust is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an emotionally expensive imitation of love.

The differences are often blurred and concealed by the euphoric effect of each feeling, but when all is said and done, each feeling certainly leaves you with a different result.

Love is a marathon, lust is a sprint. Within love, passion intertwines with desire, care, and concern felt with different intensities over longer periods of time. Lust, on the other hand, is a shorter intense swirling vortex of pure passion and sexual desire. Love is caring deeply for someone - a meaningful feeling; not merely a common physical attraction, but an intense emotional interest fused with passion and attraction. Sexual desire is merely a part of love, not the driving force as is with lust.

Unfortunately, when physical attraction declines within a lusting relationship, the entire basis for the relationship disappears. When a love affair ends, recovery is long, arduous and emotionally painful. The fallout from a lusting relationship is usually short and rarely penetrates as deeply into a person’s psyche as it does with love.

To say that love is a legitimate feeling and lust is not is unjustified as both occur naturally within the human spectrum of emotions. Lust is simply the quenching of another human need. Without lust, chances are that your parents wouldn’t have gotten together and you wouldn’t have been born! It also serves as a reference point which allows us to elevate love to the precious pedestal we grant it. Lust is the culmination of innate feelings for sexual satisfaction and attraction while love is the result of the need for both emotional and physical satisfaction.

P.S: Day 29 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

~ Shayari ~

Fark hota hai khuda aur fakir mein,
Fark hota hai kismat aur lakir mein,
Agar kuch chaho aur na mile, 
To samajh lena,
Ki kuch aur acha likha hai takdeer mein!

Harr pal mein pyaar hai aur,
Har lamhe mein khushi,
Kho do to yaadein hai,
Aur jee lo to zindagi!
Kal kya hoga kabhi na soch,
Kya pata kal waqt khud apni lakeer badal de!

Mat soch ki zindagi mein kitne pal hai, 
Yeh dekh ki harr pal me kitni khushi hai,
Jo tera nahi, usse roz paane ki koshish na kar,
Yeh maan kar chal ke jo hoga acha hoga,
Aur ache ke liye hi hoga, hamesha!

Rakh hausla wo manzar bhi ayega,
Pyaase ke pas chal ke samandar bhi ayega,
Thak kar na baith tu, manjil ke musafir,
Manzil bhi milegi aur milne ka mazaa bhi ayega,
Waqt se ladd kar jo apna naseeb badal de,
Insaan wahi jo apni taqdeer badal de!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Where Is She?

Where is she?
I find her-
In the innocence of mischievous children,
In the compassion of tireless women,
In the energy of resourceful youth,
In the security of cohesive parents,
In the love of forgiving elders,
In the fancy of creative artists,
In the zeal of passionate players,
In the happiness of the striving poor,
In the dreams and audacity of entrepreneurs,
In the fearlessness of loyal soldiers,
In the leadership of visionaries,
In the faith of powerful devotees,
In me!
I am India! We make India!
Happy 65th Republic Day!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Haiku # 8 ~ Being Myself!

I create myself,
In the image of my dreams,
All useless, to at last be 'me'!

This post is for: Haiku Heights # 319 - Useless.
For more details:
Also, day 25 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sometimes The Heart Sees What Is Invisible To The Eye

‘It’s been ages, I saw Ritwik. He is my son. I miss him. Talking to him alone doesn’t keep me happy. I wish to see him.’

‘Let’s call him up and say, we are getting divorced. He will come rushing at this misery of ours,’ smirked Mr. Patil.

‘No, he might get frantic and explode on the phone. I wonder what makes him so busy all the 365 days of the year. The sky won’t fall down if he takes a week’s leave and comes down to visit us.  But no, he won’t!’ trailed Mrs Patil’s voice.

‘Hmmphhh! We parents are like erasers, erasing our child’s mistakes, we ourselves get hurt because of them and each time we lose a part of ourselves when we vanish their mistakes, just like an eraser; getting older day by day,’ Mr Patil said.

‘But, aaho we are made to be like this. To help them, get through. One day, we know we will be gone, yet,’ she said in her typical Marathi tone!

Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of Ritwik at the door, listening to each word of their conversation carefully.

‘Ma, please forgive me. I know I am at fault. It’s your anniversary today. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. I felt the pain in your voice when I spoke to you last. I am really apologetic about my hectic work schedule. I miss you both as much as you miss me!’ and the trio hugged as tears flowed down their cheeks.

‘We only need your love and kindness, Ritwik. We love you,’ muttered an emotional Mr Patil...and the tears never stopped.

‘I love you both too,’ said a nostalgic Ritwik.

P.SThis is in response to IndiSpire Edition 52! #tears
The above story is a piece of fiction written by me for Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt – 'Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.'
For more details:
Also, day 24 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lessons Learnt ~

>Money and fame come at a cost. Don’t crave for them. Money can allow you to buy materialistic things, with heavy price tags, but never happiness.

>We often fail to enjoy smallest of pleasures life offers us. The joy in doing small things is always neglected.

>Every morning if you are getting ready to do what you love, then you are lucky! Probably many don’t love what they do!

>There is no greater security than your parents love. Spend some quality time with them. Hide nothing.

>When in love, let yourself go! Everyone should fall madly in love once, to experience life.

>There are periods in one's life when there is a lull; happens with everyone. Don’t discuss every disappointment of your life with everyone. Just learn from them and move on.

>Try not to wake up with a heavy heart when things aren't going right.

>Don’t ever sit cross legged and wait for things to happen. Make them happen.

Also, day 23 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Five Sentence Fiction – Clutch

I and Shiv came running to him at the airport.

Shiv clutched his Pa’s leg and I gave Manav a hug, he hugged me back tighter, sweeping me off my feet.  

We spilled out the details of our day into the hands of a man who loves us unconditionally. 

He is finally home, after a business meet.

We missed him so much!

P.S: This is a 5 sentence fiction written for Lillie McFerrin Writes : Five Sentence Fiction – Clutch. Picture prompt (above)
Also, day 21 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Monday, 20 January 2014

10 Things I Firmly Believe

> In order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it.

> Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss you, who knows that you’re not perfect, but treats you as if you are, someone whose biggest fear is losing you. Someone who says I love you and means it, who wouldn’t mind waking up with you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles, and you gray hair, but still falls in love with you all over again.

> You should not rush something you want to last forever.

> At one point in your life, you will either have the thing you want or reasons why you don’t.

> If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress? Stop impressing people and be yourself!

> You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.

> There will be haters. There will be doubters. There will be non-believers, and then there will be you – proving them wrong.

> A smile can hide so many feelings; fear, sadness, heartbreak; but it also shows one other thing: strength.

> Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.

> There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who would not jump puddles for you.

Also, day 20 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Haiku #6 ~ A Frozen Sun

This winter day-
Behind low clouds,
Is a frozen sun.

Also, day 19 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

The Lonely Shoe

Could you ever solve the mystery of an abandoned shoe on the road? Why is it that every so often as you're driving along there's just one shoe lying on the road? There's never the other shoe in the pair, just that one shoe! Does someone throw their shoe out the window in disgust? Do kids throw their parents' shoe out? Do they sprout from seeds sewn by bird droppings in the pavement? Or a shoe left due to an accident, kidnap? What?!
I've seen a lonely shoe on a dusty road quite often. I wonder why it’s there?


One sad shoe that someone has probably flung out of a car or truck,
I wonder, why only one?

Something I have forgotten to remember,
That there are always mysteries in life.

Shoes no longer go in pairs,
But why did the owner keep the other to himself?
I wonder!

Was he afraid (as I so often am with inanimate objects) to hurt its feelings?
That one shoe on the road, invokes my awe and my sad pity.

This post was based on the picture prompt (above) provided for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt.
Also, day 18 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Little Did She Know ~ 55 Words

‘I believe anyone who is unbelievably good is unreal. Good guys are real guys, with all their follies, who forget to wish you on special days, but are always there to pick up the broken pieces when you most need them, like you Sahil.’ Alia said. 

Little did she know, her best friend loved her to madness!

Also, day 17 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Woman Of Strength

Infinite questions come to my mind… 

Which answer is reliable?
I look at you, I observe you carefully; my soul and mind join together to answer me in some way…

In you, I see a tender, sweet yet a fearless and a passionate woman, branded by the fire of the harshness of life!

Forming a shield, an impenetrable castle, but I know that behind all of this, there is an unimaginable woman, who is hell-bent fearless!

Also, day 16 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.
P.S: This post is also for

Haiku #5 ~ 'Happily Ever After'

After "Once upon a time",
Comes your chance to make..
"Happily ever after!"

Also, day 15 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Strangers In The Night - 100 Words

Being jobless, Mayank didn’t want to marry this soon, but he couldn’t convince his ‘what-will-the-society-think’ mom! Dejected, he walked the streets until the sun went down and the night seeped out.

He saw a beautiful girl in pink chudidaar approaching him. He stared in wonder, ‘How can anyone be so beautiful?’ Her beauty bowled him over!

‘Hi, may I know from where do we get a cab for Tardeo? I am new in Mumbai,’ she asked innocently.

‘Ah, well what a coincidence! I am going to Tardeo too. We can manage a single cab. It’s already too late.’

 5 years later.

Shivani asked Mayank if he remembered how they first met. ‘Ofcourse! Your deep black eyes and your smile gave me a new hope. My first thought was I must have her,’ he said, taking hold of her hand.

‘Who’d have thought that the stunning lady I shared my cab with, was the one my mom had already arranged for me?!’ he winked!

‘It turned out so right, strangers in the night, two lonely people who just exchanged glances then, share love today! The STRANGER whom I can't forget - lives with me today!’ she said.

P.S: This post is for IndiSpire. (Edition 53) #TheStranger
This post has been written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday 2014 #2 . The prompt was 'Strangers in the night.' Details here:
Also, day 14 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Need of the hour: Freedom of Love

Not all love stories have a perfect ending. Many stay unrequited. And a few extremely unfortunate ones are forced into tragic ending- maybe in the guise of family honor. 

Unfortunately, beyond all laws exists a far superior law, the "social" law- which dictates people's lives.

Falling in love and the choice of your soul mate comes with a 'terms and conditions' rule book governed by 'self appointed custodians'.

The decision is forced upon you and when you rebel, you bring down the wrath of the entire clan.

In some castes, you cannot marry someone from another caste! Then, this doesn't end here. While in other sub-castes, you cannot marry someone within that very sub caste.

Leave alone religion then, it becomes a very big difference! We are made to pay for a sin we never committed. We do not have a choice over choosing a religion.

Even today, in most Indian families you can't cross the line of religion, ethnicity and social status to establish a relationship that will be acceptable in the society.

We live in such a love suppressed society. Some take a stand and revolt, some run away to start life afresh, some tragically sacrifice their lives.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking! It is high time our society allows its people the freedom of love, instead of forcing decisions.

It is okay to love someone. Moreover, it's completely okay to love someone who doesn't belong to your caste/religion! There is no honor in killing love, but there is honor in accepting love.

This is a mindset problem, an outdated perception of the old India. We need to get over this, so that we can hear more of ‘perfect happy endings’!

 Also, my Day 13 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Miss Beautiful Hair' ~ My Tale!

Don’t you hate it when you see other people who have fabulous and bouncy curls and you just wonder how they can manage to have it and you can’t? All of us want to have the perfect hair, whether straight or curly. The problem is that when we straighten or curl our hair using chemicals, or even use irons, there’s a tendency that it will look limp, especially during the first few weeks. But this isn’t even the worst part of having a bad hair day. The worst part is seeing other people who have the same hairstyle as you do but theirs have more bounce and life. You are left wondering how they can achieve it and you can’t?!

Mother Nature,

I have not been very happy with you. This long winter has not only done a number on my spirits but also my HAIR!

The past couple weeks I noticed my hair going super dry and breaking off at the ends. Normally I ignore this problem or just use an extra bit of conditioner. But this dryness was really, really bad.

So I went to the store to do something about it! Bought the Sunsilk Black Shampoo! :D

After one day of using it I saw a difference. I swear. I am NOT just saying that. It has seriously put LIFE back into my weary locks. My hair has felt healthier, softer, and shinier. I really can’t believe it. I thought I was going to have to go to the salon and get a very expensive deep conditioning treatment, but no! I just switched my shampoo! How is that possible?!

I give this awesome shampoo my seal of approval! Thank you Sunsilk for this incredible shine to my locks! Transform your locks from lifeless to lively! Recharge your hair, recharge your life, indeed!

-Aayesha S Hakim


My tale in my words, poetically!

You might not carry the victory lamp,
But still when you look in the mirror,
You feel like a champ,
Casting black magic around!

I wish to tell you a tale, 
Of the way I was glamorously treated,
Cherishing every minute, I wanted to sing!
Others lavishing me with their praise!
Being ‘star of the day’ is quite good fun,
The depth of others’ recognition and stare,
Lets me glide as though I just won,
A ‘Miss Beautiful Hair’ title!
I reveal you my mane secrets!
Recharge your life,
Spend some time with Sunsilk!
Your hair will sparkle,
You’ll feel tip top, outside and inside!

And though you may not wear a medal,
Worn with pride around your neck,
You certainly deserve to feel great,
So pamper yourself!
Gone are the ‘bad hair days’,
Bring out a special you!

It's always with me everywhere, 
The shiny straight, wild mane of mine! 
It's hard when I lose an ounce,
I wash it, condition it, comb it,
My hair may get frizzy from the rain,
It makes me look like plain old Jane,
I always get it cut and want to try a new style,
For fun occasions,
I sometimes tease it to look wild,
With all the new trends,
My styles will never end,
My hair is like an art,
I can fringe it, razor it!

Be in ultra modern jeans, with hair cropped, 
Be in swimming suit, with hair dripping,
Be in top and middy, with hair thrown back,
Be in velvet chudidar, with hair hiding the cheeks,
Be in saree and blouse, with hair loosely knotted into a bun,
Be in half saree and blouse, with hair tightly plaited,
Or be in any fashion that comes into being,
My locks can be flung!

Then came the teenage years of perfection,
Pursued yet never found,
The curlers, the pain,
The teasing and back-combing,
Choking on clouds of hairspray,
My frantic tantrums,
All of that, and more, and what for?
One blast of wind,
And it would all collapse,
Into the latest birds-nest style.

At times, in my terrible moods – 
Though I try to hide in a smile, 
Though my dark eyes endeavor to appear pleasant,
The most telling indicator is always my hair,
Flying off wildly in every direction,
As if to mimic my fiery hormones!

I offer them a hairbrush, 
But the tangles are too many,
Just like my tangled up life,
They are in perpetual protest,
Exacerbating my terrible mood,
Billowing defiantly in the breeze.

The salon aunty, 
Armed with hair gel and combs,
Towers over me,
Grabbing fistfuls of my wind-kissed hair,
Pulling it tightly,
Shaping my locks into her vision,
Beating them into submission,
Running her fingers through my hair,
With all her tools of manipulation,
Sculpting against my roots,
Fighting back, my mane billows in the wind!
And lo! There I am!
Ready to meet the world,
And look it in the eye,
From under that irregular fringe!

Oh yes! I do love my hair- my gifted crown! 
My hair, never meant to be pinned up,
Just like my spirit; free!
Me - Paragliding, fearlessly, no messy hair!
Going to deserts without fear of dust,
Long drives without worrying about the wind,
So, go recharge those thirsty locks,
Keep them super silky and weightless!
Get back your crowning glory!

A secret letting out too,
I love my hair,
‘Coz it makes me,
A little furry blanket,
And I can cover both of us,
Just you and I! ;)

P.S: 1. This post is my entry for ‘Recharge your hair, Recharge your life’ contest by Sunsilk, powered by Indiblogger! For more details:
2. Image courtesy: Google/ Personal Photos.
3. Also, my Day 12 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge!