Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It’s A Small World!

Can anyone buy time?
Can anyone hold this moment longer?
So that it’s far from the moment we separate?
Though it’s near,
Though it’s slipping in silence without fear,
I fear to separate…

I’m afraid my tears will flow out in a river…
At the moment we know we no longer can hold,
No one can buy the time we spend together,
No one can…

It is more precious than our fights,
It is more wonderful than our misunderstandings,
It is like the moment we see how hard,
The cloud is trying to stand still,
Against the mighty wind!

It is a wonderful blue sky,
It is a glamorous evening dance,
I am desperate to lie in the safe wings of your arms,
Where the touch of love is warmly unleashed,
Where it is the best hug in the world,
Without any worries,
Without any judgment…

We can never hold what we want at times,
But I believe the moment will come,
When we can hug one another again,
And in tears of joy, this round,
The wind represents my voice,
It whispers my tears,
And brings them to a place I never knew,
So that they will not stay in my eyes,
But let the joy remain.

We will never be apart,
Because we belong together in heart,
There’s so much that we share,
Laughter, tears, hopes, fears,
We will surely meet again,
‘Coz there is just one moon,
And one golden sun,
Though the mountains divide,
And the oceans are wide,
It's a small world after all!

P.S: This post is for Wednesday Prompt 2014 #2: It's a small world. For more details:

Also, day 9 ~ Ultimate Blogging Challenge! :D


  1. Amen to that!! Yes, 'we will never be apart... it's a small world after all'! Beautifully expressed, Ayesha!!

  2. Time according to me is a mystery and sometimes a misery.
    Well written Aayesha..

  3. well written... for the unrelenting hope of heart it is indeed a small world after all

    1. well, hope is all that we thrive on! :)

  4. Nice aayesha ..
    U described well ..

  5. beautifully written!!
    It is indeed a small world.

  6. Yo yo, Aeyesha!\m/ :D Simply a masterpiece.

    - Rahul

  7. I think I just got lost in the verses....awesome! brilliant! every adjective in the book :)

  8. Beautiful poem...
    Loved each line of it...

  9. just made me think about when I was a kid and loved that song. It really is a small world.

  10. And somehow, we end up meeting the one we're connected to!

    1. Absolutely! I believe the same too :)

  11. beautiful poem! :) Indeed "there is only one moon and only one golden sun".

  12. I loved the poem.Nothing can match that feeling :)

  13. Ayesha! It's such a beautiful moment where every word is expressed with a heart made of gold:)


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