Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Love v/s Lust

Within the romantic confines of a relationship, there exist two feelings that appear similar, but have monumental differences: love and lust.

Love is the romantic ideal that drives many to continue through their daily lives, that directors portray in epic films, and that children read about in Disney stories.

Lust is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an emotionally expensive imitation of love.

The differences are often blurred and concealed by the euphoric effect of each feeling, but when all is said and done, each feeling certainly leaves you with a different result.

Love is a marathon, lust is a sprint. Within love, passion intertwines with desire, care, and concern felt with different intensities over longer periods of time. Lust, on the other hand, is a shorter intense swirling vortex of pure passion and sexual desire. Love is caring deeply for someone - a meaningful feeling; not merely a common physical attraction, but an intense emotional interest fused with passion and attraction. Sexual desire is merely a part of love, not the driving force as is with lust.

Unfortunately, when physical attraction declines within a lusting relationship, the entire basis for the relationship disappears. When a love affair ends, recovery is long, arduous and emotionally painful. The fallout from a lusting relationship is usually short and rarely penetrates as deeply into a person’s psyche as it does with love.

To say that love is a legitimate feeling and lust is not is unjustified as both occur naturally within the human spectrum of emotions. Lust is simply the quenching of another human need. Without lust, chances are that your parents wouldn’t have gotten together and you wouldn’t have been born! It also serves as a reference point which allows us to elevate love to the precious pedestal we grant it. Lust is the culmination of innate feelings for sexual satisfaction and attraction while love is the result of the need for both emotional and physical satisfaction.

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  1. For me love is something eternal and lust is something inescapable
    And we need a little bit of both in our lives ;)

  2. Love is eternal and lust is transitional I guess...

    1. I feel the same too, Preethi!
      What lasts till the end is love! :)

  3. Ah...I like when it is a mixture of the two... PASSIONATE EXPLOSIVE LOVE is what you get :)

    1. Ahaan! I can understand what you mean! :) ;)

  4. i too like it as a complete balanced mixture and btw nice post
    its d first tym i m dropping by ur blog and its great :D

    1. Hey Juhi! Welcome to my blog! :)
      Thanks a ton! :D
      Keep coming back!


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