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'Miss Beautiful Hair' ~ My Tale!

Don’t you hate it when you see other people who have fabulous and bouncy curls and you just wonder how they can manage to have it and you can’t? All of us want to have the perfect hair, whether straight or curly. The problem is that when we straighten or curl our hair using chemicals, or even use irons, there’s a tendency that it will look limp, especially during the first few weeks. But this isn’t even the worst part of having a bad hair day. The worst part is seeing other people who have the same hairstyle as you do but theirs have more bounce and life. You are left wondering how they can achieve it and you can’t?!

Mother Nature,

I have not been very happy with you. This long winter has not only done a number on my spirits but also my HAIR!

The past couple weeks I noticed my hair going super dry and breaking off at the ends. Normally I ignore this problem or just use an extra bit of conditioner. But this dryness was really, really bad.

So I went to the store to do something about it! Bought the Sunsilk Black Shampoo! :D

After one day of using it I saw a difference. I swear. I am NOT just saying that. It has seriously put LIFE back into my weary locks. My hair has felt healthier, softer, and shinier. I really can’t believe it. I thought I was going to have to go to the salon and get a very expensive deep conditioning treatment, but no! I just switched my shampoo! How is that possible?!

I give this awesome shampoo my seal of approval! Thank you Sunsilk for this incredible shine to my locks! Transform your locks from lifeless to lively! Recharge your hair, recharge your life, indeed!

-Aayesha S Hakim


My tale in my words, poetically!

You might not carry the victory lamp,
But still when you look in the mirror,
You feel like a champ,
Casting black magic around!

I wish to tell you a tale, 
Of the way I was glamorously treated,
Cherishing every minute, I wanted to sing!
Others lavishing me with their praise!
Being ‘star of the day’ is quite good fun,
The depth of others’ recognition and stare,
Lets me glide as though I just won,
A ‘Miss Beautiful Hair’ title!
I reveal you my mane secrets!
Recharge your life,
Spend some time with Sunsilk!
Your hair will sparkle,
You’ll feel tip top, outside and inside!

And though you may not wear a medal,
Worn with pride around your neck,
You certainly deserve to feel great,
So pamper yourself!
Gone are the ‘bad hair days’,
Bring out a special you!

It's always with me everywhere, 
The shiny straight, wild mane of mine! 
It's hard when I lose an ounce,
I wash it, condition it, comb it,
My hair may get frizzy from the rain,
It makes me look like plain old Jane,
I always get it cut and want to try a new style,
For fun occasions,
I sometimes tease it to look wild,
With all the new trends,
My styles will never end,
My hair is like an art,
I can fringe it, razor it!

Be in ultra modern jeans, with hair cropped, 
Be in swimming suit, with hair dripping,
Be in top and middy, with hair thrown back,
Be in velvet chudidar, with hair hiding the cheeks,
Be in saree and blouse, with hair loosely knotted into a bun,
Be in half saree and blouse, with hair tightly plaited,
Or be in any fashion that comes into being,
My locks can be flung!

Then came the teenage years of perfection,
Pursued yet never found,
The curlers, the pain,
The teasing and back-combing,
Choking on clouds of hairspray,
My frantic tantrums,
All of that, and more, and what for?
One blast of wind,
And it would all collapse,
Into the latest birds-nest style.

At times, in my terrible moods – 
Though I try to hide in a smile, 
Though my dark eyes endeavor to appear pleasant,
The most telling indicator is always my hair,
Flying off wildly in every direction,
As if to mimic my fiery hormones!

I offer them a hairbrush, 
But the tangles are too many,
Just like my tangled up life,
They are in perpetual protest,
Exacerbating my terrible mood,
Billowing defiantly in the breeze.

The salon aunty, 
Armed with hair gel and combs,
Towers over me,
Grabbing fistfuls of my wind-kissed hair,
Pulling it tightly,
Shaping my locks into her vision,
Beating them into submission,
Running her fingers through my hair,
With all her tools of manipulation,
Sculpting against my roots,
Fighting back, my mane billows in the wind!
And lo! There I am!
Ready to meet the world,
And look it in the eye,
From under that irregular fringe!

Oh yes! I do love my hair- my gifted crown! 
My hair, never meant to be pinned up,
Just like my spirit; free!
Me - Paragliding, fearlessly, no messy hair!
Going to deserts without fear of dust,
Long drives without worrying about the wind,
So, go recharge those thirsty locks,
Keep them super silky and weightless!
Get back your crowning glory!

A secret letting out too,
I love my hair,
‘Coz it makes me,
A little furry blanket,
And I can cover both of us,
Just you and I! ;)

P.S: 1. This post is my entry for ‘Recharge your hair, Recharge your life’ contest by Sunsilk, powered by Indiblogger! For more details:
2. Image courtesy: Google/ Personal Photos.
3. Also, my Day 12 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge!


  1. Good going Aysh. Liked the poem, creative indeed. All the best (y)

  2. Very well framed with poem and pictures.. :)

  3. Good goin aayesha...keep it up!!!

    1. thank you so much Rumisa.. means a lot :)

  4. just like my spirit free !
    lovely ,
    plus the pictures add a nice touch ,
    all the best !

    1. thank you Disha :)
      delighted that you liked it!

  5. I loved how you incorporated the pictures and the before and after clicks, to prove tht this product works!!
    awesome post.All the best!

  6. lovely post.. well written poem and cute clicks. all the best :)


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