Monday, 13 January 2014

Need of the hour: Freedom of Love

Not all love stories have a perfect ending. Many stay unrequited. And a few extremely unfortunate ones are forced into tragic ending- maybe in the guise of family honor. 

Unfortunately, beyond all laws exists a far superior law, the "social" law- which dictates people's lives.

Falling in love and the choice of your soul mate comes with a 'terms and conditions' rule book governed by 'self appointed custodians'.

The decision is forced upon you and when you rebel, you bring down the wrath of the entire clan.

In some castes, you cannot marry someone from another caste! Then, this doesn't end here. While in other sub-castes, you cannot marry someone within that very sub caste.

Leave alone religion then, it becomes a very big difference! We are made to pay for a sin we never committed. We do not have a choice over choosing a religion.

Even today, in most Indian families you can't cross the line of religion, ethnicity and social status to establish a relationship that will be acceptable in the society.

We live in such a love suppressed society. Some take a stand and revolt, some run away to start life afresh, some tragically sacrifice their lives.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking! It is high time our society allows its people the freedom of love, instead of forcing decisions.

It is okay to love someone. Moreover, it's completely okay to love someone who doesn't belong to your caste/religion! There is no honor in killing love, but there is honor in accepting love.

This is a mindset problem, an outdated perception of the old India. We need to get over this, so that we can hear more of ‘perfect happy endings’!

 Also, my Day 13 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge!


  1. Really nice...hoping for such an literate India..which thinks above such social barriers....

  2. What a well rounded up scene of our society Aayesha. I loved it. And it is very true too..


    1. delighted you loved it Richa :)
      hope so, it changes soon!

  3. You know your parents are fine when others do love marriage, but they hold their guards up when it comes to their own. Not cool!!

  4. This is a mindset problem, an outdated perception of the old India. We need to get over this, so that we can hear more of ‘perfect happy endings’!.....

    amen !!!

    India is changing, generation gap us reducing, definitely we will see a bright future for Love, when society will be lead by people of today's generation !!


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