Monday, 6 January 2014

One Piece Of Advice!

Act in haste and repent at leisure. Majority of mistakes in our lives could have been avoided had we looked before we leapt!

Common problems in relationships stated are age, differences in religion, caste, or dumping someone for an arranged marriage.

Given the frequency of such situations, couples need to understand the consequences before embarking their journey on the love boat. If the boat is not going to the port of your choice, don’t simply get on it! It sounds cynical and planned, that’s not how love is supposed to be! But boiling down to silly reasons that you can’t live happily together and being skeptical because of the 'obvious' reasons, you can instead save yourself of the heartache, unless you wanted a time pass boat ride.

If you're clear that your relationship will culminate into marriage, don’t waste your time into what's impossible. Lack of clarity of what we want and what we can do to achieve what we want, is what creates messy relationships. You need someone who can get you in his/her life and not just in dreams, without any ifs and buts attached!

All I have to say is, “Look before you leap on that love boat!”

Prompt: One Piece of Advice
If you were giving your one best tip to someone brand new to some subject or activity, what would you tell them?

Also, Day 7: Ultimate Blogging Challenge!


  1. Absolutely! Especially as it's a boat! What if we fall in the water & don't know how to swim :)

  2. nice post! and very relevant too..these days pple have become really casual towards relationships and most pple marry for convenience.

  3. Simple advice, yet we all find it difficult to follow this. So true!

    1. Right, we need to follow it ASAP! Lesser the complications, better the life! :)

  4. And amen to that woman. Let us hope many believe and follow too :D


  5. Good advice... something I should learn to follow.. :)

  6. This is awesome advice and really common sense! ♥


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