Thursday, 30 January 2014

Shukriya - My 100th Blogpost! :D

Shukriya! Yes! I am thankful to everyone who encouraged me to write and has been a part of my month long journey.

Honestly, it’s been tough. Yes, even though I love writing, it was a bit squeezing, to write something daily for 31 days, given your hectic schedule.

Taking up a challenge like Ultimate Blogging Challenge will not win me anything. But I am already a winner. Honestly, people didn’t quite appreciate me taking this challenge up initially; some said, it won’t keep up the same quality of my writing. Some said, even they had taken it up but lost hope in a week or so! So if these are the cases, then of course I see myself a winner coming out of it.

Everyday observing and looking out for things to write about, I have surprised myself too, eventually! Beyond everything, it would not be wrong to say, that it takes a sincere person to stand by such challenges, weak spirited people automatically avoid it. It has taught me to be honest and sincere about commitments, not to show it to the world, but to myself!

According to my blog stats, this is my 100th post. 15k+ blog views in 8 months! Tomorrow I’ll be completing UBC. :D

I have grown as a person and to some extent my story telling has improved! Thanks to the tons of prompts I handled, which confined my thought process to 55 or 100 words or maybe some demanding a 5 sentence story narration and creating a plot. To be honest, I rarely focused on it earlier.

And then, I learnt about Haiku, a Japanese form of poem and although they are a respite when you face writer’s block that you write just three lines and end up your post, but wait! It isn’t that easy! Restricting your emotions in 3 lines and 17 syllables! I do accept that whenever I was drained off of thoughts, I attempted Haiku, maybe to have an easy escape!

Also, writing for prompts and contests of Indiblogger has given my blog a ‘never like before’ response and boost! How can I forget it was this month that two of my posts were the top posts on Indiblogger! (Well, I know people who have each post of theirs amongst the top ones!) But in a way, it is a small achievement of my successful networking and more than that, people liking and relating to what I write.

As if a part of some marathon, I wrote daily sincerely, for Write Tribe, UBC, Haiku Heights prompts. I wrote poems, framed story plots for picture prompts, did many a things for the very first time and they did turn out well.

If no prompt was available, then I expressed my views over some random social topics which were inspirational, in some sense.

There also came a Liebster award from a co-blogger Anmol, this month! My 3rd Liebster award! :D
It was during this month, I received an author signed copy of ‘The Guardian Angels’ from Rohit Gore for a review from Write Tribe!

My reading power has enhanced as I make it a point to go through some good writers and their work. Also, thanking Richa Singh and Nabanita; reading you both daily was a motivation that I don’t have to give up on this challenge and it kept me on my toes.

And thank you, my readers who give purpose to my writing! Some of you waiting for my posts, some wishing a post could be longer and craving for more words. It is lovely hearing from whom ever I meet now, “Oh, you write! Nice!”

Met a good friend a few days back and she said, “I read your posts when I am in a good state of mind, so that I understand it and learn good things from it.” I was really honored to hear that! Each comment, each vote is a compliment to me, that I am doing good! Thank you everyone!

I am glad I took up UBC! Yay!


  1. Congratulations!!
    Keep blogging...:D
    This demands a party..;) :p

  2. Congratz for your achievement:)
    keep up the spirit....!!!

  3. Congrats aayesha...
    Keep writing.. :)

  4. Many Congratulations... keep the good work going!!! :-)

  5. Heartiest Congrats Aayesha:)
    I always felt we have similar tastes, but seeing us celebrating a century around the same time makes me amazed! I have 101 posts on Indivine & about 120+ on my Blog now!
    More power to us! May we all keep writing, interacting & growing together!

    1. Thank you so much, Anita! :)
      I feel the same too, we are really similar in ways!
      Yay to us! Celebration time! :D
      Many many congrats to you too :)
      More power to us! :D

  6. So you hit a century! Keep it up :)

  7. You have indeed done a Herculean task. Congrats for the 100th post and keep rocking.

  8. Congratulations girl.. Way to Go...!!


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