Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Strangers In The Night - 100 Words

Being jobless, Mayank didn’t want to marry this soon, but he couldn’t convince his ‘what-will-the-society-think’ mom! Dejected, he walked the streets until the sun went down and the night seeped out.

He saw a beautiful girl in pink chudidaar approaching him. He stared in wonder, ‘How can anyone be so beautiful?’ Her beauty bowled him over!

‘Hi, may I know from where do we get a cab for Tardeo? I am new in Mumbai,’ she asked innocently.

‘Ah, well what a coincidence! I am going to Tardeo too. We can manage a single cab. It’s already too late.’

 5 years later.

Shivani asked Mayank if he remembered how they first met. ‘Ofcourse! Your deep black eyes and your smile gave me a new hope. My first thought was I must have her,’ he said, taking hold of her hand.

‘Who’d have thought that the stunning lady I shared my cab with, was the one my mom had already arranged for me?!’ he winked!

‘It turned out so right, strangers in the night, two lonely people who just exchanged glances then, share love today! The STRANGER whom I can't forget - lives with me today!’ she said.

P.S: This post is for IndiSpire. (Edition 53) #TheStranger
This post has been written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday 2014 #2 . The prompt was 'Strangers in the night.' Details here: http://wp.me/p3yGYl-2oc
Also, day 14 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.


  1. Oh wow it's wonderfully written...:)

  2. So romantic! And does that every happen to someone?


    1. No Richa, everyone isn't this lucky! It's kind of filmy! :)

  3. Aah...another two strangers meet at night and lovers they become..glad we echo positive feelings.. ;)

  4. so nice. nicely written.

  5. Wonderful story!

  6. This is an absolutely beautiful story, Aayesha and a unique take on the prompt. Will make for an amazing rom-com, book and film. Super duper love::)

    1. hahaha! ya it's kind of filmy :P never mind ;)

  7. Their chance meeting is so cool, and then for their fate to be together too? Amazing! Love your story! ♥

  8. So romantic..!
    And lucky too that a stranger becomes partner.. many a time, such encounters end in disaster.

  9. Love that was arranged :)
    Nice story, Aayesha :)

  10. Such a terrific and sweet ending.
    You portrayed it so well.
    Good one!!

  11. Really awesome... :)



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