Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Lonely Shoe

Could you ever solve the mystery of an abandoned shoe on the road? Why is it that every so often as you're driving along there's just one shoe lying on the road? There's never the other shoe in the pair, just that one shoe! Does someone throw their shoe out the window in disgust? Do kids throw their parents' shoe out? Do they sprout from seeds sewn by bird droppings in the pavement? Or a shoe left due to an accident, kidnap? What?!
I've seen a lonely shoe on a dusty road quite often. I wonder why it’s there?


One sad shoe that someone has probably flung out of a car or truck,
I wonder, why only one?

Something I have forgotten to remember,
That there are always mysteries in life.

Shoes no longer go in pairs,
But why did the owner keep the other to himself?
I wonder!

Was he afraid (as I so often am with inanimate objects) to hurt its feelings?
That one shoe on the road, invokes my awe and my sad pity.

This post was based on the picture prompt (above) provided for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt.
Also, day 18 at Ultimate Blogging Challenge.


  1. Haha that's so true. Even I have seen that many times on the road, but I used to think maybe a dog just grabbed that shoe and left it behind on the road. The only logical explanation ? Loved reading the different takes on the prompt.

    1. Your assumptions can be true too! Quite logical, especially when you don't want to turn the event to something tragic!
      thank you for reading :)

  2. May be its just waiting to become complete, to satisfy a purpose like the most of us. Love the thought process :)

  3. Ohh that was interesting :D

  4. Visiting from the UBC - yes, when I see an abandoned shoe on the sidewalk or in the street, I wonder about it. A baby shoe, I can understand. But an adult shoe? What is the story behind it? Alana RamblinwithAM

    1. hmmmpp! so many things to imagine!
      thanks for visiting!

  5. interesting and yes it makes you wonder doesn't it!

    1. absolutely! :)
      it was indeed a thought provoking picture prompt!

  6. This is ta different take on the prompt.
    Good stuff,usually the typical approach is sappy to this sort of a picture.

  7. Beautifully written, Aayesha. I often wonder why people forget or flung their shoe on the busy roads or some galli. It's quite complex and why they don't give it to someone in need, I wonder.


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