Thursday, 2 January 2014

UBC Day 2: I Admire..

I admire people who refuse to be anchored by their problems, who use the intensity of the negativity that surrounds them to be propelled forward; not necessarily to make them optimistic but they find beauty and perhaps even spirituality to their woes that helps them progress despite any hardship. I admire honesty in people, even if it's brutal. I admire people who barely have anything, but share it nevertheless.

I admire HER-
*For being beautiful and graceful, not like the girls on magazine covers, but beautiful from within, for the way she thinks.
*For her ability to make people smile, even if she herself is sad.
*For her intelligence, wit and compassion.
*For standing up for herself. (Gone are the Sati Savitri days!)
*For her innocence and non-cattiness.
*For her independence, self confidence, free spirited nature and lack of snobbery.

I admire HIM-
*For his charm – He isn’t a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt, just carries off a loving personality.
*He doesn’t worry about his masculinity; he is brave enough to move beyond gender norms, respects women and treats them equal.
*For his fidelity & loyalty - Knowing that somebody, no matter what may happen, will be there for you with cookies, a tissue and a big hug when you need a shoulder to cry on, is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world!
*For his honesty, sincerity, maturity.
*For his accountability to self and others.
*For his ability to carry on a conversation without seeming stupid!
*For his ambition, open minded persona, good sense of humor and adventurous self.
*For his decisiveness and for being strong headed. (Rare quality, I feel)
*For his moral and physical courage.

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