Saturday, 1 February 2014

Guest Post #1

So, one day I and Aayesha were talking about UBC when I got this idea to have her write a guest post for me. In return, Aayesha asked me to do the same, and then I was confused. Firstly, I did not have an idea what to write about, and secondly, I was nervous yet excited.

Before you go on to read the post, a short description of me. I am a teenager who aspires to become an engineer, and writing is one of my strongest hobbies. I write at The K-Factor, and I also have a Facebook page for my blog.

I asked Aayesha to give me a topic, which she did, and here is what I could come up with on it.


Together they stood,
A smiling young couple,
A big day for them it was,
And it called for a celebration.

A year it was,
Since their hands were one,
God’s wish it was as though,
And quite happily it was done.

The moment was fresh,
When he had dropped down,
With eyes expectant,
In the mud very brown.

She was shocked,
And happy as well,
A nod was just what,
Had sealed them together with gel.

Anniversary as it was,
They sat alone in the corner,
Her phone rang once,
And then a couple of times over.

Sweetheart it said,
And his heart stood still,
His sight grew fuzzy,
And he felt very ill.

Race home he did,
In quite a rage,
He was confused,
To be sad or enraged.

He hit at the walls,
And cried out loud,
He could hear all the sneers,
From the uncanny crowd.

He had been ignored,
And he had been used,
There was no way now,
Than to accept being abused.

She searched for him,
High and low,
He didn’t want her now,
He hid from her so.

He entered the kitchen,
To wash his wet face,
He saw the metal shining,
And his heart responded at a fast pace.

There slashed the blade,
And the metal glinted,
There flowed the red liquid,
And he fell to the floor, he fainted.

The door rammed open,
As she ran to support him,
Tears rained down their cheeks,
As his senses went dim.

A wrong method it was,
And he had lost all,
A mistake he had made,
And it led to their fall.

I loved you so much,
What was my mistake,
I meant it all,
None of it was fake.

You misunderstood,
And there was nobody else,
I am forever yours,
Not of somebody else.

Why did you do this,
Oh my dear love,
I also meant what I said,
When I made that vow.

He smiled once,
And just clasped her hand,
Darkness enveloped him,
And his face went all bland.

A mistake it was,
Which took him far away,
There was nothing to do now,
As motionless he lay.

Love had not failed,
It was just a small problem,
Wish he had not done it,
And stayed smiling with them.


So, this is what Karan has penned down, awesome no? He has this art of weaving a story in poetry form! Simply loved it, actually I had told him to write about the kind of love youth share nowadays. About how the Gen X rarely values relationships and are always on logger heads and fail to understand that they are on the same side at the end of the day! They make each other feel jealous to garner each other’s attention which eventually leads to a tragic end.

I think jealousy is often the unhealthy manifestation of some deeper issue. Sure, it probably relates to insecurity, on some level, one of the partners needs to feel more validated, and it plays out through creating jealousy situations, rather than by simply saying "I feel neglected" or "Can I have a hug?" And the person trying to make the partner jealous is even weaker.

Always, trust your partner. As difficult as it sounds, trust him or her. Both of you took vows, so trust your spouse to honor their vows. You have to accept that you cannot possibly control your spouse. Do not attempt to snoop or spy on them. You will only end up with anger and resentment, which will hurt your relationship further!

Thank you again Karan for this awesome guest post, expressed beautifully in poetry form! I apologize if I have been a bad host :P ;)


  1. No apologies...;)
    Thank you for those kind words at the en, and yes a pleasure to write a guest post for you :)
    Hope we keep doing such stuff ;) :D

    1. Aw! :)
      You're welcome!
      The pleasure's all mine!
      Ya surely!
      Many more more :D
      I hope I coordinate better next time! :P ;)

  2. Good coordination :)

  3. I don't always read English poems but this time I did and enjoyed it thoroughly! Nicely penned down :)
    Plus, you were a great host Aayesha! :)
    Congratulations both of you for the 'guest' post thing!
    I hope, somebody would call me soon to write one :P
    *Finger's crossed* :D

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it, Varun :)
      Thank you, Varun :P for feeling I am a good host :)
      Yay, sure Varun! :) Got a hint there! ;) :D

    2. Glad you liked it Varun...:D
      Hahah...may your wish come true soon...;)

  4. A great lesson lies between those lines!


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