Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Book Review #3 : Baramulla Bomber

The book Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad was sent to me by Write Tribe and I can’t thank them and Suraj Clark enough for sending this amazing book to me (not to forget, all gift wrapped)!

Anyways the book impressed me in the first look itself. I have to say its cover design is awesome.

Baramulla Bomber by debutant author Clark Prasad (Suraj Prasad) is a marvelous fast paced thriller that you are compelled to read on. It is a heady mix of espionage, cricket, mythology and science.

It inspires hope, creates nostalgia for an ancient Indian knowledge and prowess, and entertains as we follow Mansur Haider, Samir, Adol Silfverskiold, Aahana Yajurvedi, Agastya Rathode and others on their journey to stop an ancient weapon from destructing the world.

The book is well researched and the writing is intelligent and comprehensive. Though the concepts in quantum physics, religion and mythology are chosen, it is not difficult to comprehend. It makes you wonder what will happen next in the three book series! Definitely thumbs up for Clark Prasad for writing the kind of riveting espionage thriller. So much in a debut novel!

The book is fast paced and keeps on the edge of your seat till the very end. Character sketches are perfect thriller and every character is well used. The story explores intelligence agencies other than the much explored CIA, and yet does complete justice to it.

Its storyline covers the events from 16th July 1945 to the present day. It covers politics, science, cricket and mythology while establishing a balance between every topic so that no single topic seems to take over the other parts of the novel. Every detail used is specific and full explanation of events is given so that nothing seems to be exaggerated. Chronological manner of linking the events is amazing! Never goes off track. Sometimes it all leads to some confusion. There are so many events, so many characters!

Rating – 4.5 on 5

For details: http://writetribe.com/baramulla-bomber/

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