Friday, 28 March 2014

Book Review #4 : Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

Author: Tabrik C
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 978-93-5009-670-3
Number of Pages: 319
Price [INR]: 350
Genre: Fiction (Political Thriller)

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a debut launch by Tabrik C. The book has been written after well done research and good imagination.  The storyline is fabulous and continuity maintained throughout is worth appreciation.

The intrinsic and instinctive touch in the cover connects well with the title and story line. I loved the color and the light diffusing through the branches on the road and the man walking down is very intriguing; who is this man, what is this book about?

The title forces you and grips your attention to know its exact meaning. A single person becomes all the three in his lifetime Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister.

There is a complex character built prominently for each of the characters in mainstream of the story of Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister. Few of the characters remain for long, hence avoiding confusion.

There are 2 sections and total 79 chapters in the book. Each chapter is edgy, racy, engrossing and intriguing. The author weaves a scene high in impact and imagination. What you expect happens but leads you to places you didn’t imagine!

Story is etched out with many twists and turns, each chapter’s title being relevant. Not to forget the mention of the dates and locations gives a realistic feel. The flow from the protagonist’s past to the present and again to past is smooth.

The second half has a solid plot and the story moves fast. The plot thickens at the end and the climax is clear and good enough. A new age romance with a mix of many elements such as thrill, politics, mystery, corruption, near disturbing future and dreams! A good attempt altogether, perfectly launched during election period!

The book is not just a piece of fiction; it is a reflection of the highly perplexing and murky Indian political scenario where corruption reigns supreme. Though at some places, the story could have been more practical.

Narration is very fresh and appealing. At no point the book compromises on reader’s curiosity to dwell further. It is worth a read!
Rating – 4/5

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