Friday, 21 March 2014

She Looked Most Beautiful!

Her close family and friends dressed her up in pink and gold. The gold earrings gently dangled on either side of her soft face. The pink lehenga hugged her slim figure perfectly.

She conveyed to me, ‘I’m getting nervous, yaar. The time to leave is coming near.’  I tried to calm her anxious nerves.

Today was the day she was getting married. She had to start a new journey and had to travel an unknown path that she had never traversed before. 

She was deaf to the noise, the hustle bustle and the chaos that was surrounding her.  She sat in her room, ready to leave any minute to take her vows.

Sitting in her room, she stared outside through the window and she could see the leaves swaying to the gentle breeze. Strange thoughts flashed through her mind. As the gentle breeze gushed into her room through the window and brushed her tender face, she felt a calm and peace within.

It was time to leave. While she arose and gracefully walked to begin her new journey, she looked most beautiful!


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