Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Review #5 : The Revenge of Kaivalya

Title: The Revenge of Kaivalya
Author: Sumana Khan
Publisher: Westland Ltd
ISBN: 978-93-83260-28-7
Number of Pages: 385
Price [INR] : 350
Genre: Fiction 

Engrossing. Gripping. Terrifying. Amazing plot. That’s ‘The Revenge of Kaivalya’!

The weaving in of the multiple storylines is handled quite well and keeps one on the edge wondering what’s happening in the other storyline at that moment! The only flipside of this was that the climax terminated quite rapidly than expected.

Must read for horror lovers! A spine chilling book in the paranormal genre. So many dots to connect and reach to the royale finale. Totally recommended. 

It is a totally woman centric book with all the male characters playing supporting roles. These women have been portrayed as very strong characters dominating the story all through. It is eminently readable.

 The book has good, coordinated writing and never loses sight of the plot or purpose. Transcending time, moving between the materialistic and the eerie, Ms. Khan's writing has managed a book the flows without any stoppages or lethargy.

For a first novel, Sumana Khan has done excellently well in authoring ‘Kaivalya’. Narration and language are excellent. The author just brings the locales of Sakleshpur and surroundings to life with her vivid descriptions. I was actually able to distinctly remember more than 10 characters, it is indeed an achievement on Ms Khan’s part! Overall the story moves at a good pace – hardly bringing any boring moments. 

Ratings- 4.5/5

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

You Must Be 'HE' I Was Seeking!

Oh passing stranger!
You do not know,
How longingly I look upon you,
You must be he;
I was seeking!

I somewhere surely,
Live a life of joy with you,
All is recall,
As we flit by each other, affectionately!
You give me the pleasure of your eyes,
Face, flesh as you take my hand in yours.

I am not to speak to you,
I am to think of you,
When I sit alone,
Or wake at night, alone.

I am to wait, I do not doubt,
I am to see to it that,
I do not lose you!