Saturday, 14 June 2014

Book Review #6 : The Almond Tree

First things first!! I recommend this riveting book to everyone. You want meaning... this book has it... It's simply amazing. Very well written... There is no doubt in my mind that Michelle Cohen Corasanti is one of today's greatest novelists, and most important socio-political commentators. What she's done with The Almond Tree has highlighted the cause of one of the world's most unjustifiably maligned, and oppressed people.

As the pages fly, she's also produced a beautiful multifaceted story which is in equal parts utterly riveting, shocking, and addictive. While The Almond Tree is a fictional tale, much of it is based on the truth of what is today's world, and as there is also an important message located within.

The Almond Tree poses the million dollar question as to whether one should renounce the collective pledge or the treasured individuality. It remains a matter of choice between believing in and carrying forth the assemblage of past emotional baggage or living, and also thriving under constant contradictions that comes only from individualistic learning.

This is one of the most well-written books that I have ever read. This remarkable story is one that comes from the author's inner core, crafted by her personal experiences that make this a raw, candid read that contains such poignancy and intensity as to really touch your heart. Michelle Cohen Corasanti is brave to bear her soul to the world, but it takes not only strength of character but determination to present to the world a `real' picture of how things are and to push forward with one's own beliefs as a free human being.

This stunning story embodies the true meaning of love and selflessness, and that great fight that the main character goes through for trying to save all that matters to him in life. It shows readers the actual meaning of life by presenting to one, quite openly the horrors that take place within the far corners of this world and that as you read will take place whilst one contemplates upon this message.

Sometimes one must fight for what they believe in, for what you deem to be right and just and for those that you love. There is so much injustice, so much hatred in the world and the divide within social hierarchy is still widening constantly, as new leaders rule with different ideals and those who oppose them feel such wrath.

This story really moved me, affected me deeply and it would surely strike a chord in all our hearts for regardless of whether we come from other continents, speak in different tongues and live by different cultures we all are united together due to the power of LOVE. This in effect is what makes us human and is our adversary's greatest weakness, for though we always strive for peace there is a war raging in another corner of the world.

To be honest, the book is brutal and heart breaking but compelling. The characters are interesting and the plot moves along at a good pace and has so many layers. The book is an expansively emotional roller coaster ride. And in some instances, a literal transportation to a place where the blurred line between faith and patriotism is crossed over; atrocity and desperation in tow. Corasanti takes us back to 1955. The details are so personal, so harrowing, yet so full of hope and triumph over evil, you desperately want it to be real.

I knew nothing of the Palestinian people or their plight. It not only talks about a side of the political issue we hear little about but this book carries a message of peace and hope. It shows how different people respond differently to the same event and how it is the choice of response to an event that makes all the difference!

Overall, it's profound and a finely crafted debut novel!
Ratings - 5/5


  1. Nice review, Aayesha.
    5/5/ makes this book a must-read :)


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