Saturday, 21 June 2014

Haiku #13 ~ A Slice Of Cake!

There sits here a cake,
Smaller it slowly becomes,
It's life sliced away!

P.S: Because you'll want to slather this light and tangy chocolate frosting on the cake, taking its life away! Slowly, though :D


  1. Hehe !! Yummy haiku Aayesha :P :D

  2. So true. Cake's life sliced away while we happily stuff it into our mouth! Yummy :)

  3. i, for one, cannot write a haiku... i can't count syllables.. this makes me go grr everytime i read a haiku.. but you have given a haiku on chocolate.. and the piccie.. HOLY GOD, if you cna write a poetry on cake...

    i forever wish that your life be a yummy round of delectable chocolates and they come with extra sauce too.. most of the times, what i say does turn true so baby you're in for a biiggie treat. love you loads

    1. Your words are always more than a haiku demands! And believe me, it's good. :)
      And yes, CHOCOLATE, who doesn't like? :D
      You are damn sweet to wish so! :) Love you loads. I pray the same for you, Sweetie!


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