Monday, 16 June 2014

Heaven? I have been there..!

I experienced something, the lingering taste of which was so profound that I can take it along with me forever...
It was a scenic hill - asymmetrical, unfinished view. My dream. Stunningly out of proportion beauty. It was mesmerizing. I wanted to reach its peak.
I kept climbing up...
Every stride of mine made the hill look more intricate to me.
Soon, I was at the peak. It was above all destinations. From that point I could see the clean, blue vast sky, I realized, it had neither a start nor an end.
It was beauty in concord, beauty in harmony, beauty in rhythm! Filling me with zeal and hope.
The sky was staring down at the lake. It was enthralling, the contrast between their beauties! So still, so endless!
The height of the sky and the depth of the lake amused me! It was as if, the height of the sky was residing in the depth of the lake! Simple, elegant beauty covered me.
And I was there...
I was sitting right between the sky and the lake! My dream.
Heaven? I have been there!!


  1. That was an enchanting dream indeed. May be it has a message in it for you. Dig deep to find out. :P

    1. Thank you, Preethi :)
      OMG OMG! This link is awesome! :D

  2. this is stunning.. absolutely bewitching-ly marvellous.. i work as a professional dream interpreter :P so i will try and interpret it the way i think it is...

    The fact that you were on an upward flight means that you have aims and aspirations in life and the time is ripe for you to keep chasing them.. however, the view which you get means that the best in your life is yet to come.. when you will finally get all that which you have been looking for.. you are going to be blown by the beauty which your life will be wrapped in..
    as of being trapped between the sky and the sea and the beautiful description you have used... i guess it means you have beauty inside of you and sometimes., we need to pause in between our accomplishments and simply chart the journey we have had.. the best and biggest achievement is remembering your roots and still running high because it is the blend of two that makes life worthwhile..
    i was never wrong in loving you.. you're awesome :*

    1. OMG! Your lovely comment, Shruti :D You're aweeeeesoooome! :D

      Made me day! COMPLETELY! :)

      Loved your interpretation, matches a lot with mine! ;) Beautiful. Not forgetting where you came from is the best part. The best is yet to come! Wow! The thought of it alone, is awesome! :*

      I love you too, girlfriend :)
      Would love to meet you someday :D

  3. I am so frustrated right now that with all this work and stuff... I soooooooooooooooooo need a break.
    Atleast GOD! Give me a beautiful dream!

    1. Aw! So sweet of you, Red :)
      I pray you get a beautiful and relaxing dream soon! :)

  4. Lovely dream, Aayesha!
    May we all find Heaven on earth & rejoice :)
    Reminded me of a scene from the movie - Ye jawaani Hai Diwani- in which they climb that snow-mountain on the moonlit night!

    1. Amen to that :)
      Ya it was a lovely scene! :)

  5. A nice dream and a post that makes us happy, hopeful..


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