Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Book Review #8 : 21 Things About Romance

“For more than a decade, we’ve had exposure to love stories in the form of novels, movies and more. We have fallen in and out of love, and we have been riddled with questions about the origins of love, our emerging sexuality, authenticity of people that we love, and so on. Our parents & society don’t always sync with our ideas of being romantically involved with people of our choices. Indian culture discriminates without discrimination, which in itself a very sad predicament for the new, evolving generation. Plus, there hasn’t been a single platform where all our troubles have been heard and voiced out at the same time. Not until 21 Things About Romance came into existence. This book, written by acclaimed young author Shomprakash Sinha Roy, clubs the viewpoint of an entire generation with his own ideas about romance in the twenty first century, through poignant essays, conversations and articles about love as we know it today. Be part of the romantic revolution with this radical book which is set to answer all your questions about love & change the way you look at romance, forever!”

Author: Shomprakash Sinha Roy
Grapevine Publications

Intricately crafted. This is a special book! Yes, it is! This book is a spell of magic! Catchy and vibrant cover, brilliant language, detailed romantic problem analysis and their simple solutions. A complete guide to love. It makes you understand love and romance better! 

It talks about every aspect of romance the way it exists in today's scenario. Chapter after chapter this book speaks from what a guy notices in a girl, how it progresses to crush, love, romance and eventually long term relationship.

Shomprakash Sinha Roy has kept it simple so that the readers are glued to the book. At many places you will realize most of the incidences have taken place somewhere or the other in your life. What I liked about the book, is it speaks like a neutral voice, not being gender biased.

This book brings a new light to romance - a complete package! Indeed, a self - help book written for everyone out there who was, is or will fall in love.

It is an interactive book that will help you in the course of your past, present and future relationships. A set of facts that the author shares with the readers through his experience and interactions with the winners of the Lovesteps Contest organized by Grapevine which will help you to tread on a path of self-discovery.

These 21 chapters on romance will change you as a person. They keep you connected. It will make you realize where your relationship is going and how you can improve it. And that’s not all, it also helps you to unveil your own short comings, and alters your perspective of judging the person on any basis! It is the best guide to a healthy relationship.

Shom has described every emotion we go through in a relationship very beautifully.  Some of the things are very meaningful and make you want to share this book immediately with your loved ones. Go ahead and pick this one. Highly recommended!

My Rating :  4.5 / 5

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  1. This is something I need to grab and ur review got me the way u started, Ayesha:)

  2. Aayesha, Great title of the book should pull all the romantics:)
    Nice review.
    This book's title even shares a common word with your Blog's title :)

    1. Yeah!!
      Thank you :)
      Ya it does! Amazing na ;)


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