Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Instant Burst of Freshness

Baba Elaichi- Excellent mouth freshener for the freshness of breath. It is made of Elaichi seeds. Those who has not tried should try it at least once.

BABA Elaichi is one of the most popular products of BABA - great quality and taste!

The product seems to be a bit premium but its quality speaks for itself. It is 100% natural mouth freshener which assures long lasting refreshment and fresh breath. It has a unique taste, these seeds are blended with exclusive flavours, spices and saffron before being coated with pure silver. It also cures indigestion.

When the packet arrived, the aroma spread in my room even before I opened the seal. The way of opening was clearly mentioned on the package. So I had put my thumb in the centre to open it! It was mesmerising! It savoured my senses!

You can always pull out this magic box from your pocket like a boss and keep the others around you craving! This product is a luxury! It is exotic.

Packaging- Round magic box! The concept of packaging is wonderful because when it came to closing this box, one had to press it on the side and the box gets automatically closed and press it in centre, it opens! Something novel!

Product- These Silver coated Elaichi were a delight to put in the mouth. Instant refreshment, lingering taste, rich aroma.

Family Reviews- This product is immensely loved by me, my parents and my brother. After meals, they often search for the little red box!

Taste– The first contact with your taste buds is priceless. The small beads of Elaichi have their own sugary coating which first melts away and forms a perfect medley with the silvery touch. Moreover, unlike other mouth fresheners, the best part of Baba Elaichi is - the beads don't stick in between the teeth.

Mouth Freshening Capacity- Finally an Indian traditional digestive and mouth freshener. Refreshing taste and outstanding fragrance. Its mouth freshening capacity is great and  taste lasts for long span of time.

A wonderful product which is high on quality, great on price and offers several health benefits!

I hope this little magic box doesn't ever get over and continues to refresh me always!

P.S: This post is for Baba Elaichi. 

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