Friday, 15 August 2014

Agar Tu....

"Agar tu subah hai, toh main teri pehli kiran ko dekhne wala..

Agar tu kitaab hai, toh main tere harr panne ko padhke samajhne wala..

Agar tu chaand hai, toh main chakor ki tarah teri chaah karne wala..

Agar tu sangeet hai, toh main tere shabdo ka arth samajhne wala..

Agar tu raah hai, toh main manjil se zyada iss raah ki chaah rakhne wala..

Agar tu mandir ki murat hai, toh main uss murat ki bhakti karne wala..

Agar tu ataah saagar hai, toh main usme doob ke uski gehraai janne wala..

Aur agar tu kuch pal k liye mere sath hai, toh main unn palon mein meri poori zindagi tere sath bitane wala.."

P.S: This is not written by me. But wonderful words; floored me completely! Some people feed you with love. I concur!


  1. To be honest, i didn't read it full.. i can't read hindi writings.. i don't know.. i just have to stop in b/w.. i fail to process hindi in verse form :(
    but, your PS hmmm should i be brewing my pot of coffee but even if what i am thinking is the right thing, we will still sail. okay?
    You're not leaving me right? No ditching the girlfriend remember the rule :P you will manage two people :P i will teach you the tips :P

    1. Awww.... Shruti, Love you for your honesty, girlfriend! :) :*
      We sail any day, baby ;)
      We are forever :D I know the rules pretty well, we both are good multitaskers, aren't we? ;) :P

  2. i agree with ashadeofpen. :) i'm not an expert on blogging but i believe when you write you need to consider the convenience and interest of the reader first. that way they'll stay and keep on coming back.

    if you can translate it though i believe the content is good and worth sharing. :) looking forward to read more from you.

    1. Surely, SuperLux. I have written in English too!
      Looking forward to have you back here! :)

  3. Nice words, Aayesha :)
    Hope you shared your post with the author :)

  4. these are beautiful words and I am sure its just a start and many more shall be coming your way :) may you bask and glow in all the love showered on you <3 <3

    1. I hope so, Karan ;)
      That's such a sweet wish! Thank you heaps! :)

  5. Very Nice and heart touching


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