Saturday, 23 August 2014

Book Review #10 : Losing My Religion

Book Name- Losing My Religion
Author- Vishwas Mudagal
Publisher- Prakash Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Pages-356 Pages
Book Type-Fiction

Losing My Religion is an unpredictable and racy thriller. Vishwas Mudagal has stamped his authority in the writing world with just this debut novel! He truly deserves accolades for citing a tale to remember. The lead protagonist is well groomed. All the characters are well based and engaging. After every page you start asking for more.

The setting of the story is great; you will get a tour of India. It takes you to many places, each unique. The storyline keeps you hooked till the end.

LMR is filled with adventure and romance. And entrepreneurship. I never thought business could be so much of fun. I am very impressed with the way the author has introduced the various elements in it. This book has entrepreneurship, romance, friendship, success, failure.

LMR is written in lucid language. You don't need a dictionary by your side! The book has a right balance of narration and dialogues which makes it an excellent read.

I relished reading the novel. It was hard for me to believe that it’s Vishwas’s first novel. He writes very elegantly and effortlessly!

The title of the book Losing my Religion - has nothing to do with divine or worship. At times you have to lose your faith in something, be absolutely adamant and strong in your belief, take the jump. Leap out of the wall you have built around yourself and take the plunge. You might fall, and most of the times, you'll witness a miracle taking shape around you. That's called 'losing your religion' according to Vishwas. 

LMR is super interesting from page 1. Believe me, this is one debut book which shouldn’t be missed. The thing with this book is that it's such a motivational piece! If you have lost it all and want to regain control, chuck the self help books because Vishwas shows you how motivation can be handled with fiction in a beautiful melody. 

This isn't just a book, it can motivate you to repel the most dangerous barriers which are standing between you and your success - LKK (Log Kya Kahenge) and MKK (Me Kaise Karunga). Kick them out with an LMR ;)

Ratings- 5/5

P.S: This autographed book was won by me at The Author's Blog - Blockbuster Contest. Details here:


  1. Sounds interesting. Have always appreciated debut novels :)

    1. This one is stunning. Keeps you hooked right till the end! :)


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