Friday, 8 August 2014


When you give hope to someone who has lost all of it..

If you answer the prayers of someone totally strange to you..

If you never forget what 'compassion' means..

If you do something 'impossible' for someone..

If you bestow the dignity of life to someone..

Imagine if you're so powerful that you can save lives?

And you do all the above knowing that there is nothing you'll get in return, except good wishes!

What will that make you? GOD-like?

When you choose to give life to someone after you're gone?

Or even when you're alive? By donating blood? Giving a piece of yourself? And become immortal!

You're far more powerful than you think you are! You can rewrite the destinies of the needy! 

You can turn goodbyes to reliefs for someone totally strange to you and yet feel totally satisfied about your existence.

Many religions do not approve of organ donation. I ask if these religions do believe in compassion? Second chances? Selfless sacrifice and charity? What does it say about 'saving lives'?

13th August - Organ Donation Day. I support it. Do you?

Weave immortality into your destiny! Let a death be a beginning of another life. Be a hero to someone! Yes. You can! All it takes, is a bit of Love!


  1. Be a hero! Turn the goodbyes into relief :) Support too! Few good lines and reasoning up there :)

    1. Indeed :)
      Hope people are more aware about it! :)

  2. a nice reminder and the answer to it is yes!!!
    I have already signed up for donating my eyes :)

    1. Thank you, Karan :)
      That's very nice to hear! :)

  3. Brilliant writing for a cause. What matters is to be a good human being, believing in the beauty and essence of life:)

    1. Thanks a lot, Vishal :)
      Truly mentioned!

  4. So glad you have written this, Aayesha.
    I support it too!

    The Hindi movie Kick has Salman Khan as 'Devil' who is 'Angel' for the kids as he champions their cause.
    Your poem reminded me of Kick...
    I shared my Lessons from the movie in a post :)

    1. Delighted to know this, Anita! :)

      I haven't watched the movie yet. I'll surely see your post :)

    2. Do link your Organ Donation post with Vidya Suri's link on her Blog.
      Write Tribe is commemorating the occasion.
      I added my post :)

  5. Such a well crafted plea, Yes we all must donate our bodies. My mom and me are both all for it.

    1. Thank you, Inderpreet :)
      Nice to hear that :)


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