Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Book Review #14 : Café Latte

Author: Amit Shankar
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2014
Publisher: Vitasta Pub

Anthologies attract me. They give  a quick read in a short span of time and empower us in a special way.  

‘Café Latte’ by Amit Shankar is a collection of eighteen short stories from different genres of life. Each story has a different theme. A refreshing book after a long time! The cover sets the context of what lies ahead - dark and profound. Beautifully crafted, each story is like a gem. You can debate about the intensity of colors and shades but what you can’t is how artistically the author has articulated life in its various shades. 

Amit explores human relationships, life, death and all that happens around us in daily life. As you cross each page, you interpret life more better and it takes a great story teller to do that to you.

The reason behind my interest for Cafe Latte was its tagline "18 unusual short stories" and the catchy cover design. Each story is unusual and is a perfect blend of emotions. 

You get a glimpse of many lives, many revelations, and many stories around us. We hardly notice people around us but the circumstances cited in the book are a reality. Precisely, this book nudges us to come out of our unconsciousness resulting from lack of interest in our surroundings, and presents an opportunity to observe life more.

I appreciate Amit for his acute perception of reality and his observation power as a writer. The book shows what Amit is really capable of and he writes with skill and manages to make you feel the emotions of his characters in a deep manner.

The compelling stories change the way you look at life. This honest attempt of exploring relatively unusual and unexplored human emotions and situations makes this book really powerful in terms of its story telling with utter conviction. 

The fact that this is an anthology featuring a single author, the reader does get an insight into the variety of topics that he can handle. And just for this, Café Latte is worth a read. This book gives one a straight message to think beyond the usual and comprehend the meaning of uncommon, unwanted and uncustomary experiences.

Ratings - 4/5

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