Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Book Review #12 : Kingdom Come

Book: Kingdom Come
Author: Aarti V Raman
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 311
Price: Rs 299

The cover art is appealing and the title is very unique. Both these things catch the attention of the reader.

The story has been amazingly penned. I loved every single character in the book, even the bad guys. Congratulations Aarti V. Raman! You have a way with words.

Set mainly in the breathtakingly beautiful Kashmir Valley, but also travelling to England, Central America (Mexico), Ladakh and Tibet, the protagonists' journey is far from simple. The characterization is noteworthy and the author gives us people who are complicated and flawed with their own share of mistakes and wrong decisions but still they are able to win our hearts and connect with us due to their actions which speak of their inherent goodness. It is the supporting characters that come across as more real and add depth to the story.

Kingdom Come could have been a typical story in many ways. Terrorism and Kashmir, or a man and a woman falling in love while fighting for survival against a dangerous adversary aren't new plot lines. It could easily have been the usual angst-filled love story were it not for the characters, the research behind the plot, and the plot twists.

Overall, the book is well paced, and it doesn't have any obviously gaping holes in it. Raman has researched the elements of her story well, providing realistic descriptions of places and situations, especially the ins and outs of the military operations.

Emotions are Aarti V Raman' thing! She depicts them well, and makes you ache with unshed tears; exult with happiness; or tremble with fear or loathing.

The description of army procedures or the life saving procedures employed by the army gives us an insight into the minds of these brave men and women who risk their lives daily so that others can live free and safely. The poignant and heart breaking reality of the families who send their sons, daughters, brothers, husbands etc. to serve their country is also beautifully painted in the book. After reading the book, I have a renewed respect for the army and the people who work day and night to keep us safe.

The way the author has narrated the whole story is admirable for a debut work. The words are chosen so brilliantly that they give this story the perfect atmosphere needed. From choosing the names to framing the characters, everything has been done so well that readers can easily visualize everything.

Spy thrillers are one of the best genres to read. This book has – a solid and tense plot, formidable protagonists, noxious villains, gut wrenching fight sequences and a shocking climax. The constant dose of romance makes the narrative juicy when it begins to get dry. The constant tension between the protagonists has been well presented. The building up of their restrained yet passionate relationship is well done. 

In conclusion, Kingdom Come is a commendable effort, although there is much scope for improvement. I think some good editing could have pruned a lot of it and brought a steady flow and brevity to the book. The plot, the characters, the zealous love story, and the intense emotions are well worth a try and if you are a fan of romance fictions, “Kingdom Come” shouldn’t be missed.

Highly recommended.
Ratings - 4/5

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