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The Second Life : An Anthology of 25 Life Changing Stories

If you want to put pen to paper and see what unfolds, it’s time to awaken to your identity as a writer. The greatest rewards of writing exist as you see your stories published, your characters being cherished by people.

As I unearth my voice in 'In The Classroom of Life' in an anthology called The Second Life, I feel nostalgic as I walk the lane when I first started blogging. It was so random that I'm myself amazed where it has landed me now! The journey has been enjoyable and so fruitful. Being a part of The Second Life, An Anthology of 25 Life Changing Stories makes me feel proud to have followed my passion.

"There comes a moment in your life when you feel terribly vulnerable, helpless without any hope and faith, and alas you forget the fact - your helplessness can never leave you irreparably shattered. Trust me, sometimes at this very moment, 'newness' from nowhere will intervene in your life and change everything. Just everything. That newness brings in front of you a more inspirational and exciting journey known as THE SECOND LIFE."

The Write India team selected 25 life changing stories that will inspire you, after a nationwide hunt for inspiring stories. The editor is bestselling author Bhavya Kaushik and it is compiled by Prakash Kumar.

Our book celebrates new beginnings! You raze the old to raise the new. Always remember, the beginning of compunction is beginning of the second life.

Along with me, there are 24 more contributing authors:

1. Aathira Jim- ‘I am Sita’
2. Aayesha Hakim- ‘In the Classroom of Life’
3. Abhik Chakraborty- ‘The hug of Ishwar and Allah’
4. Anirootha K R- ‘Everything happens for a reason’
5. Archana Mishra- ‘The Blanket’
6. Deepti Menon- ‘Jasmine at the doorstep’
7. Garima Behal- ‘Thank you, Samar’
8. J. Alchem- ‘The Highway man’
9. Madhurima Halder- ‘The girl with a glass of cocktail’
10. Nalini Chandran- ‘Faith can move mountains’
11. Neha Somani- ‘The Long Winding Corridor’
12. Preethi Venugopal – ‘The Arabian Dream’
13. Preeti Singh- ‘A mother’s miracle’
14. Prity S Pujari- ‘Love is for beginners’
15. Renuka Vishwanathan- ‘When love has gone’
16. Saral Joshi- ‘Yes!’
17. Shrruti Patole Clarence- ‘A daughter’s diary’
18. Shruti Fatehpuria- ‘Wildrose and Snowflake’
19. Shubham Singh- ‘That kid in the corner’
20. Shubhi Mehrotra- ‘A piece of paper’
21. Smriti Mahale- ‘Through her eyes’
22. Somya Singh- ‘Joy to the world’
23. Sunanya Pal- ‘Khushboo- the fragrance of Kindness’
24. Swagnikaa Roy- ”Aurora”
25. Trippayar Sahasranaman Priyaa- ‘A thing of beauty’

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Thank You Team Write India Publishers, Atul Purohit, Bhavya Kaushik and Prakash Kumar for this dream come true. Congratulations to all the Contributing authors!

P.S: The official book launch of 'The Second Life' (An anthology of 25 Life Changing Stories) on 12th October at -
Kitab Khana, Flora Fountain,
Somaiya Bhavan Ground Floor,
45/47 MG Road, Fort, Mumbai.
Timings: 11am to 1pm, will be launched by award winning author Preeti Singh.

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Reviews: "25 Poignant Breath Refreshments. Destiny Do Ring Twice" -

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