Monday, 13 October 2014

Book Review #19 : Happily Murdered....

Publisher: Srishti Publishers Distributors
ISBN: 978-93-82665-18-2
Year of Publication: 2014
No. Of Pages: 246
Cover: Paperback
Language: English
Type: Fiction
Price: 195

Who killed Gulab Sarin?

The radiant new daughter-in-law of the influential Mehta family dies mysteriously on the very next night of her wedding. The murder is an inside job, the police are certain. It could be anyone, the adulterous husband, conniving in-laws, jealous friend and the love struck ex-fiance. With an aim to save themselves and incriminate others, it is not long before these suspects turn into amateur detectives, hunting for clues and delving into hidden secrets only they can unearth. They coerce, pry and blackmail in an attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery. Will one of these nine unlikely sleuths finally unravel the mystery behind Gulab's death and avenge it? Or will the truth die as viciously as Gulab?

The book is just marvelous. You feel your heart heavy as you finish it. Mystery novels rarely give you this feel.

I would like to Congratulate Rasleen Syal on her d├ębut novel. If this novel is any indication, we just found a brilliant author to the genre of thrillers and suspense. She does complete justice to the book.

The novel has everything you want to have in a suspense thriller and even more. It has a sense of belonging. The easy flow of words, and no nonsense practical language, Rasleen's brilliant way of portraying her characters and the settings in which they exist makes the  not only believable but also very identifiable.

I was hooked up from the very beginning. The plot is excellent, language is simple, and flow is fast.

Highly recommended to suspense and mystery lovers, undoubtedly it is going to be a best seller.

I liked the cover of the book since it is very symbolic and captivating - blood dripping from the red bridal saree.

This book doesn't disappoint you. Gulab - a brilliant protagonist, who stays in your heart even after you have finished the book.

Jealousy, strife, animosity, rivalry, manipulative behaviour add different angles and spice to the story.

The first few pages disclose the characters involved, often leaving you confused on the relationships between them and making you feel a family tree would have come handy but that feeling does tend to disappear as you progress through and the characters become more familiar.

Rasleen presents “Happily Murdered” as a delicious dish, one that you enjoy and savour. Her narrating style, with simple English and absolutely no regional lingo thrown in, keeps the reader engaged throughout. There are typographical errors here and there, and sometimes a word is missing or pluralized. It could have been avoided.

If you are looking for a fresh, engaging and slightly different murder mystery... give "Happily Murdered..." a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Rating: 4.8/5

P.S: The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.


  1. I love the cover but the name makes me think twice about buying it. 'HAPPILY MURDERED'...But I am sure that the content makes up for the name, like your review states!

    1. Similarly, I loved the book cover too! :D It's very symbolic!
      Yes, give it a chance, Red :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely review, Aayesha. Glad you liked the book.


    1. Hey Rasleen, Thanks for dropping by.
      Keep writing :)


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