Saturday, 4 October 2014

Book Review #18 : One Last Time

Author : Shubham Arora
Publisher : Paper Clip Books


One phone call changes it all for him. Her phone call. After one full year. She is in the US, informing him about her marriage. She wants to meet him.

He had moved on, at least that's what he had made himself believe. Unsure of everything, he books a flight from New York to Carolina to give his past the final closure.

The journey brings all the painful memories back to him. They have both come a long way since they first met as kids and then again as adults, before parting ways and . . . moving on.

But flight 1549 is not destined to reach its destination. Unaware and oblivious, he is lost in his memories of her.
Ambala. New Delhi. New York.
Love. Career. Distance. Longing. Separation.
Will he realize her importance in his life? Will she ever find out who she is actually meant for?

What if he doesn't live up to the day to meet her one last time?


Effortlessly written, depicting a perfect mixture of multiple emotions! It has friendship, love, heartbreaks, staling relationship - all in one!

There in genuine sincerity in the frustration and anxiety portrayed for the long distance relationship and Shubham does make a pertinent point how young couple find it exceedingly difficult to handle the LDR pressure and the physical non-proximity.

A nicely done cover page, aptly describes the story and captures the various time zones the narrative incorporates.

The chemistry between the lead pair is well expressed! A gripping and intriguing piece written with complete thoughtfulness!

One Last Time grows on you. The characters are simple people easily connectable. We all have lost friends, made new friends, had heartbreaks, played cricket, fought with parents, made some foolish decisions, etc. The narration style is perfect, without any over stretched scenes & dialogues.

The chapters are of normal length making the reading more comfortable. Shubham knows how to write in a way, to hold the interest of readers right till the last page!

The story turns the reader nostalgic as we can directly connect to the aura of childhood that Shubham creates. The story transcends in a lovely way depicting the protagonist’s fears, dreams, ambitions and love. It portrays the journey of a shy small town guy from Ambala to the scintillating city of New York. The beautiful description of the protagonist’s emotions and the changing maturity level - the fear of death and of losing his loved ones, the desire to fulfill his dad’s dream and the intense and pure love for his girlfriend makes the story all the more interesting.

The ending is the most amazing part of this book! It is heart touching if you are a romantic. It is soulful even if you are pragmatic. And it leaves scope for a sequel. It keeps you wanting for more!

"One Last Time" is one last chance which is very important in everyone's life. So if you get a chance then never let it go.

This teenage adult fiction conveys an important message. It tries to convey the importance of one moment, the happy, sad or happening moment. It is an uncomplicated book that talks about realities in life.

If you are fan of fiction romantic books, go for it. This book deserves a read. It is engaging and a breezy read.  It leaves a good taste and makes you realize the value of time and relationships. 

Ratings - 4.5/5

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