Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Haa Zinda Hoon Main..

Saansein chal rahi hai..
Dil dhadak raha hai..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Apni baat kehne ki aazadi nahi..
Kuch sochne ki aazadi nahi..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Baar baar galat saabit hokar thak chuka hoon..
Apni harr galti ko maan chuka hoon..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Khamoshi bhi cheekh chilla rahi hai..
Harr waqt maut ki chaah ho rahi hai..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Bahut door nikal aaye hai..
Koi raasta nahi wapas lautne ko..
Harr waqt saasein toot rahi hai..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Harr zarra tod raha hai mujhe..
Har pal toot raha hoon..
Haa zinda hoon main..

Bahut baar haara hoon..
Bahut baar giraa hoon..
Par aaj bhi ek ummid hai..
Ek aasha hai..
Haa zinda hoon main..!

P.S: Those grumpy and depressing days make you write THIS! Yet, I truly believe "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when the easiest way is to fall apart, is true strength. Life is all about living and being alive and not being dead!


  1. Hi

    That's a very nice poem! I agree, we all have to live and that is inevitable for living is life. But we must patiently wait for good times to a rive :)

  2. Very True ........
    Jeevan ki har ek paristhiti mein
    hamare paas hamesha 2 raaste hote hain:
    1.Bhaag Lo (run away)
    Ya fir
    2.Bhaag Lo (participate)
    Choice is your's

    1. Well explained! :)
      Indeed choice is ours, always!

  3. This day shall pass.....right?? nice read...

    1. Happy times and sad times - both pass.
      Thank you for visiting :)

  4. My god.. so beautiful. I can just read it again and again. Wonderful.

    1. Thanks a ton, Yashi for your beautiful comment :)
      keep coming back!

  5. Amazing :) It is in your worst times when you realise your true potential and your limit. This reminds me of a shayari - Dil na ummeed nahi naakam he to hai, lambi hai gum ki shaam, magar shaam he to hai...Keep writing :) You are a gem :) Love :)


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