Sunday, 23 November 2014

Relationships? *sigh*

Navigating through any relationship takes strength, wisdom, patience and love, among other things. As humans, we naturally look to those around us for advice, perspective and knowledge. While viewing other relationships outside of our own can offer some insight into our own, it is often damaging to compare your partnership to those of other couples. The-grass-is-always-greener viewpoint is often irrelevant, since you don’t have all the facts required to properly assess the relationship. Here are a few reasons why comparing your relationship to others can be ineffective at best and destructive at worst.

Behind Closed Doors

The problem with comparing yourself to other people is that you never have all of the information. You’re making assumptions based only on part of the facts, but the reality is that unless you’re in the relationship, you’ll never fully grasp its delicate dynamic. This truth, coupled with the fact that people tend to present their best face to the public, exemplifies why your comparisons cannot be based in complete accuracy. You then judge the quality of your relationship by something which essentially doesn’t exist.

No Two Relationships Are Alike

As relationships are comprised of two unique individuals, bringing different life experiences to the relationship, no two couples are alike. To judge the quality of your relationship on whether the two of you have the same dynamic as other couples is a waste of time. No one can tell you how your relationship should be, especially since what works for some people definitely doesn’t work for others. All you need to be sure of is if the two of you work, with your individual and distinct personalities that make your relationship uniquely yours.

Keeping the Focus Outside of the Relationship

By constantly comparing your relationship to others, you are cheating yourselves out of time and energy better spent focusing on the two of you. Considering the amount of effort and work that goes into a relationship, busying yourself worrying about others will only take away from what you as a couple have. Don’t worry so much about what the neighbors are doing; instead work on strengthening the bond between the two of you.

Moral ~ Comparison is the thief of joy. While it is easy to fall into comparing ourselves to others, it rarely benefits us unless other lifestyles inspire us. In this sense, it’s good to appreciate what others have worked hard to achieve—and to use that as inspiration—as we work towards our own relationship goals. But use your wisdom in assessing the quality of your relationship, and appreciate the uniqueness that the two of you bring into the partnership. It’s good to remember the flipside of the adage “The grass is always greener”: ”You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Book Review #21 : The Mahabharata Quest

Christopher C. Doyle
Publication Year:
Number of Pages:
308 Pages
Book Type:
Fiction Book

The book has the ability to be finished in a single sitting as it arouses wonderful page turning experience filled with suspense and mind boggling riddles to be solved in order to reach the great secret. It is gripping and the author has given correct meaning of so many Hindu epics; probably he has made a very sincere attempt to give us the reality. It is an unputdownable and a pageturner book. I was really happy to have got a signed copy of the book from Blogadda.

Excellent fast-paced spine tingling thriller. The climax is absolutely entertaining and despite being a bit overawed, one can consider it a possibility. The build-up to the climax was just perfect - no wasted stretches or unnecessary chases. The length of the book was ideal and not too stretched.

Very often, in order to replicate the success of the previous part, the writer ends up in making the sequel very much similar to its predecessor. Thankfully, this is not the case with The Mahabharata Quest. The story in itself is completely new with some key incidents from the prequel used to make the foundation pillars of the new story.

Lots of twists and turns, the book literally does not let you stop at every chapter. The last line of every chapter gives you a shock and a hunger to read more. The book ends in a cliff hanger, eagerly making the reader wait for the next one.

What I didn't appreciate much was that the good characters in the story always seemed to get everything right every time, which seemed to be of little exaggeration while the suspected characters are too easy to be identified right from the beginning. There are a few untied ends in the book. 

The previous debut novel was a tad bit better than this one. Though narration and storytelling have improved a lot as compared to the prequel. The Biotech theory of Amrit and scientific explanation of Samudra Manthan shows the exhaustive research of writer and his passion to make his book sound as realistic as possible. The book exceeds expectation which in turn raises the expectations even higher for the third part.

The author has covered in depth the various aspects nicely that arose in the book. The scenario presented doesn't seems plausible though. Mahabharata is a vast ocean and the author has extracted the pieces with great precision and care. Hope more and more writings about India history/mythology come up so that we are made more aware of our own.

Mythology, Science and History blend together for a creative, gripping thriller. A new perspective for age old mythology with new interpretation of the mythological story. Scientific blend to give authenticity to the age old secrets. Though it keeps jumping from modern to ancient, it still keeps you engrossed to read till the end due to crisp writing... A must read for Dan Brown fans, and thrillseekers alike.

Ratings: 4/5.

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